Sent on December 02, 2015

Efficiency and Fraud Detection: The Central Role of Telematics
27 NOV 2015 | As the insurance market becomes further saturated, and insurers continue to look for every possible value-add available, the role of innovative and market-leading technology is central to any business strategy. With this in mind, it’s worth exploring the ways in which telematics has impacted the industry, and the importance of this technology for insurers.
‘Game changer’ app for Connecticut brokers
27 NOV 2015 | A new broker-focused addition to AccessHealthCT s mobile app will speed up the enrollment process by allowing brokers to enroll consumers on the state s public exchange directly from their smartphone. Allison Cappuccio of AccessHealthCT, Jennifer Lovett of Crystal Financial Insurance and Shubh Singh of New Fields Technologies discuss how it will change exchange enrollment in Connecticut -- and the ways it could have a nationwide impact.
Guidewire CEO Talks Insurance Disruption and the Evolving Role of Core Systems | Insurance Innovation Reporter
27 NOV 2015 | Insurance Innovation Reporter recently had the chance to sit down with Marcus Ryu, CEO of Guidewire Software (Foster City, Calif.), to talk about the disruption and innovation in the industry, how the vendor aims to be a partner in innovation, and the company’s transition during the last year from being a multi-product core system company to being the provider of what Ryu calls a Core-Data-Digital platform.
Business rules: Management delivers agility in an evolving, digital world
26 NOV 2015 | Faced with myriad demands such as faster speed of engagement, enhanced user experience and rapid responsiveness, insurance companies must be more agile than ever. However, tracking and managing the hundreds of business rules required by industry regulations can inhibit progress. This whitepaper explains how new technology for managing business rules is helping insurers digitally transform their businesses to stay agile through automation, improve decision making and adapt to ongoing change.
Biometric technology has potential to combat cyber fraud
26 NOV 2015 | It said cyber security would be the greatest threat facing the pensions industry over the coming decade. The company noted that the government’s 2015 Information Security Breaches Survey found 90% of large organisations of all kinds had suffered a security breach in the preceding year, a threat from which pensions firms could not expect to be immune. The company is sponsoring Queens University Belfast’s Centre for Secure Information Technologies to examine the potential to combat cyber security issues through the biometric technologies.
The Insurance Debate: Use tech to drive professionalism
25 NOV 2015 | The insurance sector should use technology to engage with customers, build trust, and support its reputation as a true profession, according to Aviva chief operating officer Lindsey Rix. Weighing into the Insurance Debate, Rix argued that the sector should give customers the digital tools they need to understand thier cover and the cost.
Top Cyber Threats for 2016 and Next Five Years
25 NOV 2015 | Businesses and organizations should expect cyber criminals to attack through wearable devices, employees’ home systems, cloud services and automobiles within the next year, according cyber experts at Intel’s McAfee Labs. By 2020, individuals could be receiving payment for sharing their personal data and hackers could be manipulating markets in their favor through financial intelligence gathering, the experts also predict.
Building the Future
24 NOV 2015 | What is “The One Thing” That Insurance Executives Can Do Today to Innovate in their Claims Departments? If you love football, then you know how frustrating it is to be a football fan. Every offseason, you get excited about the potential for the upcoming season. Before the season begins, you read all of the articles and watch the analysts.
Funding To Global Insurance Tech Startups Has Already Tripled In Growth This Year
24 NOV 2015 | Investors are pouring billions of dollars into startups aiming to give the insurance industry a tech makeover. In 2014, tech companies targeting the insurance space took less than $700M in funding. In just the first nine months of 2015, insurance tech startups have attracted more than three times as much funding, according to CB Insights data.
How to transform an old fashioned Insurer into a Carrier like Oscar, fast and at low cost
10 NOV 2015 | The Internet of Things (IoT) is creating enormous opportunities that insurers can leverage to provide a better customer experience while simultaneously improving their profitability. In particular, insurers have a tremendous chance to upgrade their role in the health segment from a simple "payer" to an active "player" in the overall user experience cycle. The motor insurance telematics experience in Italy shows that this is possible. There, products linked to a connected insurance value proposition have already reached a market penetration of 15% and are now adopted by most insurers.
Connected cars & insurance claims: a new paradigm, made in Italy
01 DEC 2015 | The Italian insurance market represents the international best practices of the use of Connected Insurance, according to almost any source. Telematics is now in its development phase and there is a long road ahead before the full potential of this technology is reached. Nevertheless, from an international perspective, it is clear that the Italian market has already accumulated the greatest experience in the use of telematics within the auto insurance value chain.
Consumer Telematics Show 2016
05 JAN 2016 | The Consumer Telematics Show (CTS) kicks off the calendar year for the connected car community, serving two strategic purposes; it gives automakers a platform for new partnership and product announcements and acts as the largest and most focused meeting point for 500+ automotive execs during International CES®.