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Five Crazy InsurTech Predictions for 2017 – by Matteo Carbone
02 JAN 2017 | In the latest months, many experts have predicted specialized portals and social network as the main InsurTech trends driving growth in 2017. As every year, industry insiders choose their favorite technologies and business models. In this case, we are talking about a trend at his infancy, this making difficult to figure out what will happen in the next 12 months.
Startupbootcamp Names InsurTech Class of 2017
02 JAN 2017 | Startupbootcamp has announced its latest list of insurtech companies set to join its three-month accelerator program. Newcomers range from on-demand insurers to users of emerging technologies, such as drones, blockchain and telematics; developing products for retail, life and health, according to Startupbootcamp’s website
The Final Frontier Of FinTech Disruption: InsurTech
30 DEC 2016 | Why has it taken so long for FinTech to reach the insurance industry? After all, insurance is no small sector, with plenty of facets and geographical reach—just the things that FinTech has already capitalised on in banking, fund distribution, and regulation, to name a few. But the fact is that, while insurance companies are already using various digital tools, nothing particularly revolutionary has rocked their business models or rattled the status quo. How come?
Where we are with insurtech
30 DEC 2016 | Among the many challenges and opportunities a New Year presents, few seem to stand out so remarkably as the importance of digital space. Tech has burst ahead and left many industries a little more than disrupted in its wake and while insurance has largely benefited from technological advancements, the need to keep pace in 2017 is more striking than ever.
2017 will see InsurTech make its mark but attracting talent could be a challenge, says KPMG
29 DEC 2016 | Commenting on the outlook for InsurTech in 2017, Murray Raisbeck, Head of Insurance Technology, KPMG says: “People have been talking about FinTech for several years but in 2016 the term ‘InsurTech’ also started to gain traction. In our annual list of the top 100 FinTech companies globally, the presence of insurance start-ups almost doubled compared to 2015. “This trend will continue through 2017 and as a result we will see an increasing number of experienced senior figures move from traditional insurance into more nimble, fast growing InsurTech businesses.
InsurTech takes aim at personal lines distribution
29 DEC 2016 | If you have gone three days without seeing the term “InsurTech,” well, you are probably on a remote Caribbean island with no means of connecting to the outside insurance world. And putting your head in the sand on some nice island might sound tempting, because InsurTech is exciting, but terrifying — simultaneously. Some may feel InsurTech is over-hyped, but that belief is probably more denial than anything else.
Interview with Robin Merttens, 50insurtech influencer and Independent Consultant and Analyst at Ottair Limited
03 JAN 2017 | What are the main trends impacting the insurance industry in 2017? Falling premiums and margins across most classes, saturated developed world with emerging markets flattering to decide again. A gradual undermining of the traditional distribution patterns, particularly in SME, led by reinsurers and new partners moving up the value chain. Time is running out for those stuck on legacy platforms with no plans to invest in digitisation. Increased levels of co-operation between InsurTech and incumbent insurers as the benefits of working together become clear to all.
How to evaluate an InsurTech start-up
31 DEC 2016 | How do you evaluate an InsurTech initiative? We posed this question to ten InsurTech influencers to see what they are looking for when judging the true potential of a startup. It needs to be relevant to your business (or innovatively adjacent) and help drive towards your desired goal in the most simple form. It also must have significant enough opportunity to scale over a defined period of time. In addition to this, there are a number of other key things that should be looked at including the team involved, any early success or failures, culture (and its ability to fit into the existing – or not be totally alien at least) and finally vision. How big do they think this can be and why
RE•WORK Virtual Assistant Summit, San Francisco
26 JAN 2017 | The next generation in predictive intelligence. Anticipating user & business needs to alert & advise logical steps to increase efficiency. The event will showcase the opportunities of advancing trends in virtual assistants and their impact on business efficiency, personal organisation and society. Explore the theory and application of VAs and chatbots in communications, healthcare, transport and more, with leading innovators. Use our discount code INSURT20 for 20% off tickets. Visit the event website & apply the discount at the checkout:
Big Data & Analytics for Insurance, London
14 FEB 2017 | Data analytics is no longer restricted to the realm of technology in insurance. Today it is a business imperative. As well as providing solutions to long-standing business challenges, big data and analytics offers the power to transform fraud detection, underwriting, pricing and claims. Yet with new data sources, new modelling tools and the rise of Insurtech, it’s increasingly difficult to keep up with the latest innovation in insurance analytics. That’s why we’re bringing together insurance companies from across Europe to explore how big data and analytics can drive business growth. We’ve assembled leading experts from the biggest insurers to guide you through the latest data-driven strategies for success.

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