Sent on December 20, 2017

Afraid To Get In Waymo's Driverless Car? A New Insurance Company Has You Covered
20 DEC 2017 | Waymo said on Tuesday it’s partnering with on-demand insurance provider Trov to cover self-driving vehicles in the Arizona program, where the commercial ride service launches in the next few months. The trip-based coverage for users includes lost items, problems related to interrupted rides and potential medical expenses.
Allianz invests $96.6 million in mobile insurance startup BIMA
20 DEC 2017 | German insurance giant Allianz has invested close to $100 million (£74.7 million) in BIMA, a Swedish-British startup that helps people in developing economies buy affordable insurance through their mobile phones.
Lemonade raises $120 million from SoftBank, others to take its chatbot-based insurance service global
19 DEC 2017 | Lemonade, a mobile-first, AI-infused insurance firm backed by chatbots and self-proclaimed ethics, has announced a $120 million series C funding round led by Japanese telecom giant SoftBank.
Insurtech: The Year in Review
19 DEC 2017 | If 2016 was when “some” insurers started innovating, 2017 will be remembered as the year when “all” insurers jumped on the bandwagon.
Car insurance app raises over £300,000 in first week of crowdfunding
18 DEC 2017 | A car insurance app has raised over £300,000 in its first week of crowdfunding, as reported by BQ. Honcho, a service which makes insurers pay for the right to bid as many times as they like for a single customer, needs £650,000 in order to bring the app to market.
American Family Insurance Acquires Data Analytics Firm; Also Home Tech Firm
17 DEC 2017 | American Family Insurance said it intends to accelerate its use of data, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) with its purchase of Chicago-based data and analytics software company Networked Insights.
HSB TechAdvantage equipment and technology breakdown insurance
15 DEC 2017 | Technology trends such as miniaturization, portability and cloud computing are creating different, costly and complicated new risks for business owners.
An Insurtech start-up’s guide to navigating an Insurance carrier
14 DEC 2017 | Imagine this. You are the Founder of an Insurtech start-up. You’ve got a great solution which could deliver meaningful results for any Insurance carrier that brings you on. You’ve been through an accelerator (or two), have received initial funding and have your advisory board in place.
Don't be an InsurTech donkey
14 DEC 2017 | Last week I was on the road chairing our second InsiderTech New York event. I then hopped over to Bermuda to chair a roundtable and attend the EY Global (Re)insurance Outlook.
Allstate spinoff Arity uses cellphone data to be high-tech backseat driver
13 DEC 2017 | In the auto insurance world, Gary Hallgren is Big Brother, watching more than a million drivers every day to determine who is likeliest to have an accident. Hallgren is president of Chicago-based Arity, a year-old Allstate tech startup that uses smartphone apps and add-on devices to track every move drivers make behind the wheel.
DLG-backed insurtech appoints board and plots for “rapid growth cycle”
13 DEC 2017 | Hiscox’s Martin McBrearty and Direct Line Group’s Adam Whitely join insurtech Canopy’s board, as it plans for a “rapid growth cycle”
The Top 10 Insurtech Trends of 2018
19 DEC 2017 | Invisible insurance and behavioural economics with a pinch of bancassurance revival and empathy: these are some of the trends of 2018. December is the perfect month to predict the key insurtech trends for the year to come and to think of New Year’s resolutions: what specific trends to tap into to enhance the digital strategies.
Thaler’s Nudge towards Microinsurance
18 DEC 2017 | As Thaler suggests in his book, the context makes everything and helps conclude the sale or not. So by interpreting the variables that could influence the customer, a good AI-based solution should be able to capture the precise means and moments to deliver short period insurance offers to truly interested users.
AI Assistant & Deep Learning Summits 2017
25 JAN 2018 | San Francisco | RE•WORK will be hosting the AI Assistant & Deep Learning Summits in San Francisco on 25 & 26 January 2018. The summits will showcase the opportunities of advancing trends in AI Assistants and Deep Learning. This is a unique opportunity to interact with business leaders, influential technologists, data scientists & entrepreneurs in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. Join RE•WORK to learn from industry experts, discover emerging trends in deep learning & expand your network: RE•WORK is a global platform of events bringing together breakthrough technology, cutting-edge science, and entrepreneurship shaping the future of business and society. Regular participants at our events include AI pioneers Yoshua Bengio, Yann LeCun and Geoffrey Hinton.
Digital Integration in Wealth Management 2018
21 FEB 2018 | London, UK | Arena International is thrilled to announce that the second Digital Integration in Wealth Management will be returning to London! Operating within an increasingly digital landscape and cross-generational trends emerging, there is still a need for the Wealth Management sector to better understand how to serve their varied clientele segments; to clarify where to strike that balance between a digital and fiscal offering. This conference offers a strong focus on digital tools and process that can be implemented to meet cross-generational needs, tailored to the nature of your firm and clientele. Drawing on the expertise of industry leaders including representatives from Deutsche Bank, UBS Wealth Management and BNP Paribas Fortis, you will take away a deeper understanding of the digital strategies and how they can be best implemented to attract new markets and further clients engagement, in an increasingly global and connected world.

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