Sent on March 09, 2016

Outside industries retreat from the business of insurance
09 MAR 2016 | Cargill, Monsanto, Wells Fargo, and John Deere are officially out of the crop insurance business, according to a recent article from Bloomberg. Large companies such as these expanded into different aspects of the agriculture industry over the past few years, and their debut in the insurance industry made quite an impact.
Startup Oscar Posts $105 Million Obamacare Loss in 2015
07 MAR 2016 | Startup Oscar Health Insurance Corp. lost $105.2 million in its New York and New Jersey businesses last year, a sign that insurers of all sizes are struggling in the new markets created by President Barack Obama’s health-care overhaul. The losses, $92.4 million in New York and $12.8 million in New Jersey, were disclosed by Oscar in filings with state regulators. Chief Executive Officer Mario Schlosser said some of Oscar’s losses stem from the cost of starting a new health insurer. Others are tied to the same problems befalling bigger health plans: costlier customers and a shortfall in a key government program.
019 – Transitioning to a Digital Customer Experience
04 MAR 2016 | Jim Kerley has worked in and been associated with the life insurance industry for 47 years. To say that he knows his stuff may be the understatement of the year! In this episode, Gregory and Jim focus the conversation on how insurance companies must adapt and begin providing a digital experience for their consumers. This episode […]
Many Insurers See Google as Potential Threat: Report
04 MAR 2016 | More than 40 percent of insurers see Google as a potential threat because of its strong brand and ability to use customer data, a report released on Tuesday said. And young, mobile phone-friendly consumers may bypass traditional insurers for “new, more nimble” competitors, consultancy Capgemini’s annual world insurance report said.
InsurTech Futures: airbnb-style home insurance launched
03 MAR 2016 | Broker Belong Safe has launched on demand host insurance in order to cater for ‘airbnb style' home-sharing insurance needs. Belong Safe said that the pay by the day service, which starts from 78p per day, provides an online platform for hosts to manage their home-sharing insurance needs, ensuring they are not left exposed to the risk that might arise by having paying guests to stay.
P/C Insurers See Wide Uses for Predictive Analytics: Willis Towers Watson
03 MAR 2016 | Property/casualty insurers plan to drastically widen their use of predictive analytics over the next two years to expand and grow their operations, a Willis Towers Watson survey has found. What’s more, usage-based insurance information could see the biggest surge as a big data source.
Advisory firms' dilemma: "Who owns client data?"
03 MAR 2016 | Data ownership is emerging as a hot topic in the financial advice industry, as firms and advisers grapple with how to harness the right kind of data to provide more insightful financial planning. With the promise of automated data analytics and aggregation, however, comes the nitty gritty details of who owns it, where it is stored and who has the rights to access it. Tricia Rothschild, head of global adviser and wealth management at Morningstar, is among industry leaders who are increasingly asking advisers: “Who owns the data?” Most firms and third-party vendors seem to agree
Pickaxes And Shovels: 54 Startups Providing Infrastructure For The On-Demand Boom
02 MAR 2016 | On-demand economy startups have raised over $9.4B since 2010 to provide mobile-powered services across many categories, including food-delivery, shipping, and transportation. But while consumer-facing startups like Uber and Shyp capture investor and media attention, another less glamorous subset of companies will provide the infrastructure and services to enable their services. In 2011, Chris Dixon of Andreessen Horowitz wrote about the “shovels” opportunity that follows most major technology trends:
Building the Perfect Usage-Based Insurance Mobile App
01 MAR 2016 | The ideal app would use all the sensors available in the phone for data collection, including GPS, gyro, heading, and accelerometer. Smartphones have not been capable of generating the quality of accelerometer data needed for accurate scoring, but that will soon change.
AXAVentures invests in a digital health start-up that provides accessible and affordable medical advice and care online.
01 MAR 2016 | AXA Strategic Ventures (ASV) leads an investment round in Medlanes, the Berlin based digital health company. Medlanes combines machine-learning technology with doctor knowledge to offer patients a simple but high-quality first contact point to healthcare. The funding round will allow...
2016 insurance innovation trends: my predictions
23 FEB 2016 | In 2016, insurers will be investing in two macro areas,Connected Insurance and InsurTech, according to Bain & Company’s Matteo Carbone. They will be spurred on by the arrival of newcomers in the insurance value chain and by the need for greater integration of user experience and data sources.
Insurance as a Service: how Ageas, AIG and Mapfre use IoT for customer engagement
02 MAR 2016 | ‘IaaS’ or Insurance as a Service could just be the next big thing. Providing customer services that align with the digital age and modern convenience are fundamental to insurers. But, how do we turn this pipedream into a reality?
TU-Automotive Cybersecurity USA 2016
29 MAR 2016 | TU-Automotive Cybersecurity dissects the real issues behind the headlines, helping you to apply technology and best practices to deliver robust security defenses and processes within a more secure ecosystem. The conference unites players from research labs, automakers, tier 1’s, security researchers, and the complete supply chain to plan for the imminent future.
Connected Car Insurance Europe 2016
12 APR 2016 | This is the largest and most comprehensive forum in Europe dedicated to connected car insurance. With over 400 attendees from across 25+ countries globally and 50+ executives speakers, this event will address the technological challenges and new business models to impact the motor insurance industry as it converges with the connected car.