Sent on June 08, 2016

How one company is studying the brain to better market to consumers
06 JUN 2016 | (Orlando) — What can the human brain tell insurance companies about what to say — and what not to say — in their marketing messages? More than you would imagine. At the LIMRA Marketing & Research Conference being held now in Orlando, representatives from Prudential Financial delved deep into the world of understanding the brain of the buying public, also known as consumer neuroscience.
Auto Technology Already Driving Down Premiums: Celent
06 JUN 2016 | Celent analyst Donald Light has been tracking the impact of car technology on the insurance business – and downward pressure on premium is already beginning. Four years ago, Celent analyst Donald Light issued a provocative report: “A Scenario: The End of Auto Insurance” It posited a future where incentives to reduce the human impact on driving reduce the risk of driving – and necessarily, the premium associated with auto insurance.
Cyber attacks: The next health care epidemic
06 JUN 2016 | We live in an exciting time. Technological advances have showered almost every industry with innovation, leading us to breakthroughs that have made our lives simpler, our worlds bigger, our understanding greater. These advances have also made information more accessible, which in many ways, is revolutionary. Can you imagine driving to a new location without the help of Google Maps, or no longer having the latest news at your fingertips? But, when information falls into the wrong hands, things stop being revolutionary and start getting dangerous.
Insurtech futures: insly targets uk insurance market
03 JUN 2016 | nsly, which provides software for brokers, has raised almost €1M (£750,000) from angel investors as it seeks to map out potential markets for growth. CEO Risto Rossar commented: "The most important achievement of us is the breakthrough to the London insurance market. Our sales team has managed to sell cloud based software to the most conservative customers - London insurance brokers."
Insurtech futures: simply business calls on brokers to develop own tech
03 JUN 2016 | Simply Business, a digital broker, has advised the market that using "off the shelf" software solutions is not always the best way to take advantage of technology. Lukas Oberhuber, chief technology officer, at Simply Business said that pre-packaged software solution such as those offered by software houses and other workflow products could be difficult and expensive to integrate.
XL Grows Insurtech Portfolio with Notion Investment
03 JUN 2016 | Notion, a company that makes home-monitoring sensors, has announced $3.2 million in funding, including investments from the venture capital arms of XL Group and Liberty Mutual. Notion’s multi-function sensor recognizes doors or windows opening, water leaks, temperature changes, or smoke alarms. The company says it is looking to lower the barrier to entry for home monitoring systems that help policyholders and insurers reduce risk and loss.
Insurtech futures: meet the techies
03 JUN 2016 | What is your company doing in the InsurTech space? Our product is risk management software which ticks all the InsurTech boxes of innovation, disruption, digital and big data, but more importantly helps brokers achieve a number of benefits:
Who’s Who In The Rise Of Small Business Insurance Tech Startups
01 JUN 2016 | Since the start of 2015, the small- and medium-sized business insurance market has seen a plethora of tech activity by both large insurers and tech upstarts. Specifically, four different US startups offering tech-enabled distribution of small business insurance have raised over $60M across five deals since October 2015. Among the deals’ backers were VCs and growth equity investors, including Oak HC/FT, Ribbit Capital, and Two Sigma Ventures.
Insurtech, Shift Technologies Raises $10M in Series A Venture Capital Funding
01 JUN 2016 | Shift Technologies, a Paris, France-based insurtech startup, raised $10m in Series A funding. The round was led by Accel, with participation from existing investors Elaia Partners and Iris Capital. The company intends to use the funds to hire new people, continue to develop the platform and expand operations. Led by CEO Jeremy Jawish, Shift Technology provides insurance companies with a SaaS-based platform to improve and scale fraud detection through quantitative and qualitative analysis. The solution’s algorithms are tailored to reproduce fraud handlers’ deductive reasoning allowing claim handlers to make investigations and save money.
Corporate Startup Collaboration in Insurance - Unleashing the True Power of Insurtech
07 JUN 2016 | Major corporations around the world are increasingly waking up to the fact that startups are becoming the key source of innovation for them. There’s even a new acronym for it CSE (Corporate Startup Engagement). Call it what you may but its delivering a rapid iterative customer centric R&D to quite a few largest global players. “262 of the world’s 500 largest corporations are actively partnering with startup companies.” – INSEAD Report There are clearly a set of complementary strengths that exists between corporate and startup entities. Rather than trying to fit a square peg of startup innovation into a round hole of corporate structure, corporate leaders are choosing to actively collaborate with startups to explore ways of combining the best of both worlds. Not to be underestimated, this gives an opportunity for abovementioned peg to round off and for the hole to become more edgy, thus learning from each others’ strengths and thus increasing their competitiveness.
Secrets InsurTechs can learn from the auto insurance industry’s telematics experience
06 JUN 2016 | The insurance sector is becoming more innovative. Various initiativesand projects launched around the globe are proof of that: from the classic “call for ideas” and corporate venture capital to innovation labs and accelerators that involve the largest insurance companies. According to CB Insights, InsurTech —which involves rethinking one or more steps of the insurance value chain through the use of technology — received $650 million in funding in the first quarter of 2016, and the number of transactions more than doubled compared with the same period in 2015. #InsurTech investment in Q1 2016 more than doubled [ Click to Tweet] The Italian insurance sector represents an interesting case history about InsurTech.
The Future of FinTech Conference
08 JUN 2016 | With $13.7B invested into fintech companies in the last year, the pace of innovation and disruption in the financial services space has never been higher. While some are concerned that financial services will face its Uber moment, the reality is that coming technology and business model innovations offer tremendous opportunities to reinvigorate and reinvent the financial services industry for institutions who are prepared. The Future of FinTech Conference delivers the best audience and deepest discussion on emerging financial services innovation. The conference will help you see where the world is going and introduce you to the emerging and global institutions that are making those changes happen.
2nd Annual Insurance Fraud EU
13 JUN 2016 | Technology is both the number one enabler and disabler of modern fraud. While digital business provides companies with an enormous competitive edge it also opens up a Pandora’s Box of opportunities for criminals to enter your organisation. We’re in a data rich age now, but the difficulty is navigating the data in a way that creates actionable insights. At the Insurance Fraud EU summit we’ll show you how to master your data and evolve your business ahead of digital threats and craft a truly proactive approach to fighting fraud.