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VP Joe Biden urges health startups to help fight cancer
10 JAN 2017 | With smartphone cameras flashing inside a cramped cafe, Biden spoke about his Cancer Moonshot initiative he was asked to spearhead by President Barack Obama during the 2016 State of the Union address. Biden's task is to help find strategies, including more research and funding from the government and private sector to combat cancer.
CTO Corner: InsurTech – Trends, Issues, and Recommendations
10 JAN 2017 | Highlights – An explosion of new start-up companies and technology advances are changing the insurance industry. Although these advancements hold promise for a more efficient, customer-focused insurance industry, they raise privacy, security, and regulatory questions. Such questions include what rights each of the parties have with respect to the raw, aggregated, and processed data; what uses should be permissible; and under what circumstances.
Editorial: Artificial intelligence and the future of humanity
10 JAN 2017 | Over the year-end and New Year period, a mysterious Go program won 60 straight games online, beating top players from Japan, China and South Korea and attracting attention for its extraordinary strength. It turned out that the program was an updated version of
Guide to China’s Insurtech Regulations
09 JAN 2017 | Insurance companies in Asia are facing a labyrinth of regulations as they invest in the insurtech space, particularly in areas such as telematics, biometrics, and big data, according to The Insurtech Revolution: Regulatory Updates and Innovative Evolution in the Insurance Sector, a new guide by leading law global law firm Baker & McKenzie.
Everybody’s talking Blockchain. What does it promise for Insurance?
09 JAN 2017 | There is a huge amount of buzz around blockchain and many explanations out there for what it is, and its likely benefits for financial services, especially banking and finance. A blockchain, according to the excellent Blockchain Revolution by Don and Alex Tapscott, basically allows you to send money directly and safely from me to you.
3 Reasons Insurance Is Changed Forever
06 JAN 2017 | We are entering a new era for global insurers, one where business interruption claims are no longer confined to a limited geography but can simultaneously have an impact on seemingly disconnected insureds globally. This creates new forms of systemic risks that could threaten the solvency of major insurers if they do not understand the silent and affirmative cyber risks inherent in their portfolios.
Morning Briefing: Senior insurance execs set to jump ship to InsurTech
05 JAN 2017 | Senior insurance execs set to jump ship to InsurTech An increasing number of senior insurance industry executives could leave traditional insurers and join the fast-growing InsurTech sector.
InsurTech’s pay-as-you-go promise
05 JAN 2017 | Even though Metromile was groundbreaking with its pay-per-mile insurance, it certainly wasn’t the first to provide usage-based cover. In fact, the earliest documented paper insurance policy, a commercial policy, dated February 13, 1343, covered 10 bales of linen on their trip from Pisa to Sicily on the Santa Catalina.
A New World Full of Opportunity
04 JAN 2017 | The primary drivers of disruption in insurance – notably, fintech (and more specifically, insurtech) – are coming from outside the industry. However, while the pace of change and market disruption has been daunting for most incumbents, the growing presence of insurtech companies is not a threat, but rather is creating real opportunities for the industry. We see a combination of market and organizational priorities that open the door for these new opportunities.
Blockchain, AI and Internet of Insurance to Lead Insurtech, KPMG Partner Says
04 JAN 2017 | According to Murray Raisbeck, Head of Insurance Technology KPMG in the UK, 2017 will see InsurTech make its mark but attracting talent could be a challenge across the country as a result of Brexit. Raisbeck pointed out that in KPMG’s annual list of the top 100 FinTech companies globally, the presence of insurance startups almost doubled compared to 2015.
Lego for business. Blockchain a game changer for insurance?
04 JAN 2017 | During the last year, I've been working on Blockchain at Swiss Re. In my work on the technology, my interest and focus has been on investigating practical ways to make it useful and create business benefits for insurance and reinsurance. You may have heard about the B3i (Blockchain insurance industry initiative), which we started this year to look at how we can roll out Blockchain industry-wide. I think it's safe to say that our industry has now truly discovered Blockchain. But you're probably wondering, "Is Blockchain just a hype?"
Interview with Jonathan Howe, 50insurtech influencer and PwC UK Insurtech leader
09 JAN 2017 | You only need a proprietary underwriting algorithm if you are underwriting. By far the majority of startups that we see in this space are focused on providing services to existing insurers, either by gathering new data, aggregating data or providing technology that reduces the likelihood of claims (such as sensors). In many cases the opportunities will not be with startups but from other industries that already gather this data (such as utility companies). And we are also seeing startups bypassing incumbents altogether and working directly with the reinsurers - looking forward it may be the reinsurers that really disrupt the incumbents.
Interview with Jonathan Swift, 50insurtech influencer and Director of content at the Incisive Media insurance division
04 JAN 2017 | In the UK Brexit uncertainty is writ large, as are the tight margins many players are operating under due to benign pricing and tough competitive/economic landscape. Against this backdrop customers are becoming increasingly more demanding, creating an interesting dynamic in which the potential of digital has never been more pronounced.
RE•WORK Virtual Assistant Summit, San Francisco
26 JAN 2017 | The next generation in predictive intelligence. Anticipating user & business needs to alert & advise logical steps to increase efficiency. The event will showcase the opportunities of advancing trends in virtual assistants and their impact on business efficiency, personal organisation and society. Explore the theory and application of VAs and chatbots in communications, healthcare, transport and more, with leading innovators. Use our discount code INSURT20 for 20% off tickets. Visit the event website & apply the discount at the checkout:
Big Data & Analytics for Insurance, London
14 FEB 2017 | Data analytics is no longer restricted to the realm of technology in insurance. Today it is a business imperative. As well as providing solutions to long-standing business challenges, big data and analytics offers the power to transform fraud detection, underwriting, pricing and claims. Yet with new data sources, new modelling tools and the rise of Insurtech, it’s increasingly difficult to keep up with the latest innovation in insurance analytics. That’s why we’re bringing together insurance companies from across Europe to explore how big data and analytics can drive business growth. We’ve assembled leading experts from the biggest insurers to guide you through the latest data-driven strategies for success.

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