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Insurtech firm backed by Warren Buffett enters UK
26 APR 2017 | A South African company that has teamed up with one of Warren Buffett’s businesses is unveiling a specialist insurance product in the UK. Insurtech firm AllLife is launching a life insurance product for diabetics, partnering with Royal London and Gen Re, part of Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway group. Royal London will underwrite the policies, which will be reinsured by Gen Re, Business Insider UK reported.
InsurTech Futures: Aviva launches 'Ask It Never' initiative
26 APR 2017 | Insurer aims to eliminate question asking process by using big data. Aviva has launched a new ‘Ask It Never’ initiative with the aim of eliminating the need to ask customers questions using big data. According to the insurer, the system is currently being piloted with some of its existing home insurance customers through its online portal MyAviva. The provider highlighted that commercial customers with more complex activities will always need help from their broker and Aviva to understand their risk features.
GWS Production AB: GWS adds insurance technology as focus area
26 APR 2017 | Global Warning System (GWS) has operated on several segments within travel security since 2014. After extensive evaluation and analysis of the different segments, the decision was made to focus on the existing business serving corporate travelers, and on insurance technology (InsurTech). For this specific purpose, GWS intends to seek additional funding to take advantage of the market opportunity within InsurTech.
Nominations close on May 5th: know an InsuTech, Vendor, Insurer of Partnership that is creating innovation in IoT? Nominate now!
26 APR 2017 | Alongside the Insurance IoT Europe Summit, Insurance Nexus will host the Insurance Nexus IoT Europe Awards in conjunction with InsurTechNews. This prestigious ceremony unites the leading minds at the forefront of the connected insurance industry to celebrate innovation and exemplary performance. With four categories designed to put a spotlight on the achievements of established companies, start-ups and individuals, the awards look to attract nominations from across Europe. The categories are: Insurance Nexus IoT Vendor Innovation Award, InsTech IoT Newcomer Award, Insurer in IoT Award and Insurance Nexus IoT Partnership Award.
25 Insurance Resources Every Independent Agent Should Subscribe To
24 APR 2017 | Struggling to find high-quality insurance resources focused on helping the independent agent grow their business? In an effort to capture the landscape of potential needs and interests for an independent agent, we’ve pulled from a wide variety of content creators. It was our goal to share a little bit of everything and let you decide which resources were the most helpful.
Lemonade is catching the attention of the insurance industry… will it catch on with customers?
23 APR 2017 | Startup insurer uses behavioral economics and artificial intelligence to win customer trust and business. Can an insurtech startup make people feel good about insurance? Lemonade, a startup insurer that launched its end-to-end digital renters and homeowners insurance product in September 2016 in New York and recently expanded its renters product into Illinois, is betting on it. The company promises to disrupt the homeowners market by offering three advantages: Unprecedented speed in buying insurance and settling claims through its smiling bots, AI Maya and AI Jim. Greater transparency into the fees that it collects to manage the platform Social benefit through its B-Certified corporation status and the “giveback” donation of excess premium to a not-for-profit organization selected by the customer.
Better Data, Models Expand Private Flood Insurance Opportunities: Actuaries
21 APR 2017 | As Congress considers reauthorization of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), it should take into account specific insurance market, technological advances and other developments in weighing its options, according to the nation’s actuaries. A new report, “National Flood Insurance Program: Challenges and Solutions,” from the 19,000-member American Academy of Actuaries describes premium setting and program financing options for addressing the NFIP’s debt and future obligations, including both public and private financing mechanisms, and other possible reforms.
3 reasons startup entrepreneurs love InsurTech
20 APR 2017 | Startup entrepreneurs are drawn to InsurTech ventures for good reason, according to a recent report from Accenture, the international management consulting and professional services company based in Dublin, Ireland.
Most Controversial Claims Innovation
20 APR 2017 | Pushing at boundaries and challenging traditional notions is what innovation is all about. Rethinking something that people have taken for granted for too long can open opportunities for enhancing service, increasing efficiencies and generating revenue. Take claims.
Is There Risk in Embracing Insurtech?
20 APR 2017 | As insurers rush headlong into the digital scramble, they should keep in mind the proverbial iceberg. Not all the risks involved are strictly tied to the innovation itself. Certain ones are below the water level. Insurers actively participating in the digital revolution have done so in a variety of ways: 1) innovation labs, 2) insurtech accelerators with external partners, 3) investments in insurtech companies, 4) purchases of insurtech companies.
Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant Takes Bots to a Level of Dynamic Engagement
19 APR 2017 | While the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) is limitless, at least in the minds of its most fervent supporters and detractors, it’s performance so far has been modest—particularly in the case with the use of AI in chatbots applied to insurance customer service. Pegasystems (Cambridge, Mass.) appeals to that somewhat disappointing performance in its announcement of the launch of Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant, part of the vendor’s Pega Platform.
Insurers Are Rapidly Adding 'Virtual' Customer Service Tools
19 APR 2017 | Frustrated with automated answering machines before you finally get to speak with a customer service representative? When it comes to insurance, you’ll just as likely end up dealing with a robot as a human within three years, according to a survey by Accenture Plc.
Asia: Swiss Re to set up reinsurance regional HQ in Singapore in 2018
19 APR 2017 | Global reinsurance giant Swiss Re plans to further strengthen its commitment to Asia by establishing a dedicated regional legal entity in Singapore for its reinsurance business unit. This new entity will, at the same time, become Swiss Re's regional headquarters for its network of reinsurance operations in Asia.
Neosurance chosen as best insurance startup during the Insurance & Previdenza Awards 2017
24 APR 2017 | Neosurance, the first Italian startup that has created a unique system which proposes “push” micro-insurance, has just been awarded the Insurance & Previdenza Elite prize for the “best insurance startup” category as part of the Insurance & Previdenza Awards 2017, an event made possible by Milano Finanza.
Interview with Ryan Hanley, 50insurtech influencer and SVP of Marketing at
21 APR 2017 | The insurance industry has entrenched regulation at both the local, state and national level, which unlike taxi regulation in the case of Uber, is not easily sidestepped. This regulation purposefully slows the pace of growth, which is often not baked into investor projections. Direct and captive incumbents, through billions in advertising, have created a commoditized perception of the personal lines insurance product (particularly auto insurance). Self imposed pricing pressure reduces margins and increases cost of acquisition. Neither of which are advantageous for an insurtech startup.
3rd Annual Telematics Insurance North America 2017
26 APR 2017 | Chicago, IL | With dedicated interest in Commercial Auto Insurance and leveraging Connected Car data, new Insurtech and Autonomous Vehicles trends, the 3rd Annual Telematics Insurance North America 2017 returns to Chicago at a juncture that is being defined as 'the most exciting time in the insurance industry '. The industry has been poised for disruption for a long time but has not had the right tools and the right mechanics to adapt. These new paradigms form the tip of the iceberg of the new age of transformation and existing insurance business models are not designed to readily scale and adapt to these new environments. Focusing on overcoming operational smartphone challenges, controlling the severity and magnitude of claims and data privacy, and generating sustainable, scalable business models, the 2017 conference moves away from the one-size-fits-all personal auto insurance formula to deliver more dedicated commercial and personal auto insurance case studies and discussions, backed by real data and real life examples.
DIA Amsterdam 2017
10 MAY 2017 | DIA AMSTERDAM 2017 The must-see event for insurtech and innovation in insurance. The first and biggest global insurtech conference: 50 insurtechs on stage, 8 Thought leader keynotes, 550 Attendees from 200 Companies, from 36 countries, C-level and C-1 decision makers of all major insurance carriers.

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