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Three in five insurers plan to or currently leverage smart home
04 APR 2017 | Insurance companies are big believers in the potential for smart home devices to boost the homeowners insurance line of business. That’s according to a new survey from NTT Data that found 59% of carriers “have made strong progress with leveraging smart home technology to improve products.”
Opinion: Silicon Valley InsurTech
04 APR 2017 | The sun-kissed avenues of Northern California which house the technologists who have come to run the world are thousands of miles away from London. And at first glance it appears that the cultures of its (re)insurance world is several multiples of that distance apart from the traditional strongholds of London, Europe and the US East Coast. But with the rise of InsurTech in the last two years, Silicon Valley has become the epicentre of the biggest figurative earthquake to rock...
SVIA Keynotes: Can Next-Gen Technology Humanize Insurance?
03 APR 2017 | In the early days of insurance—through mutual fire societies or the sharing of maritime risk at Lloyd’s coffee house—the mutual benefit of policies to all parties was obvious. The situation is very different today, when 25 percent of Americans believe that it’s acceptable to defraud their insurance company, and the Urban Dictionary defines insurance as “A business that involves selling people promises to pay later that are never fulfilled,” as Lemonade CEO Daniel Schreiber noted in his Wednesday, March 29 address at The Silicon Valley Insurance Accelerator’s Core Systems and InsurTech FUSION conference in San Francisco.
Digitalization in Insurance: The Multibillion Dollar Opportunity
03 APR 2017 | The business of property and casualty insurance—assessing risk, collecting premiums and paying claims—hasn’t changed much since 1861, when a group of underwriters sold the first policies to protect London homeowners against losses from fire. Recently, though, the insurance industry has embarked on a radical transformation, one spurred by a series of digital innovations whose widespread adoption is just a few years away. Bain & Company and Google have identified seven key technologies—namely, infrastructure and productivity, online sales technologies, advanced analytics, machine learning, the Internet of Things, distributed ledger and virtual reality—that have already begun to disrupt the industry and whose impact will accelerate in the next three to five years.
Accenture: AI, IoT Attracts Nearly Half of InsurTech Funding
31 MAR 2017 | Artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT) now account for almost half of total investment in insurance technology (insurtech) startups globally, new research from Accenture shows. The research, which includes new analysis of CB Insights data on 450 insurtech deals over the last three years, appears in a new Accenture report titled “The Rise of InsurTech.” The report was released today in conjunction with Accenture’s Fintech Innovation Lab in London, which for the first time includes a dedicated insurtech stream comprising leading industry startups.
Artificial Intelligence, IoT Startups Gaining in Global Insurtech Funding
31 MAR 2017 | Investing in technology-oriented insurance ventures (insurtech) is clearly a global trend and almost half of all the money being poured into them globally is going into artificial intelligence and internet of things startups, new research finds. The research from Accenture, which includes an analysis of CB Insights data on 450 insurtech deals over the last three years, appears in a new Accenture report titled The Rise of InsurTech.
Rethinking insurance: How cognitive computing engagement and efficiency
30 MAR 2017 | As the cognitive era dawns, outperforming insurers are rethinking insurance: applying cognitive technologies that understand, reason, learn and interact can improve the way insurers do business
UK InsurTech investment more than doubled in 2016
30 MAR 2017 | Germany and France also saw strong growth in 2016, completing the top three InsurTech markets in Europe, while the US’s share of deal volume dropped slightly from 63% to 56%. It was also found that Artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT) now account for almost half of total investments in InsurTech globally, with the number of deals across these technologies increasing by 79% last year.
Co-operation ‘the smart strategy’, says InsurTech firm
29 MAR 2017 | A managing director of a US-based InsurTech firm within the life insurance space says it’s “the smart strategy” of fintech firms to work in parallel with advisers and help them do the best parts of their job better.
InsurTech: Risky business?
29 MAR 2017 | The world of banking is undergoing a major digital transformation through FinTech solutions, but is not the only field opening the door to technology innovations to catch up with the digital era. The insurance system is investing in tech solutions more and more to meet the demand of the new digital customers. InsurTech funding, in fact, increased by 27% only in the last year, with an estimated grow in profits up to 235 billions in 2021 (report by Juniper).
Slice Releases Rideshare App to Select Drivers
29 MAR 2017 | NEW YORK -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Slice Labs Inc., a technology startup that launched the first on-demand insurance platform in the United States, today announced it has completed the Slice on-demand pay per use rideshare app and released it to a select set of rideshare drivers to gather data and test the Slice technology.
FinLeap to build a digital insurance platform
29 MAR 2017 | Company builder FinLeap is further committing to reshape the insurance industry. With Element, FinLeap is introducing a fully digital platform, going upstream in the value chain to custom-build the very core of insurance and enable products and services that meet demands of the modern age.
The power to insure what you want, when you want it
30 MAR 2017 | DIAmond Award winner Trōv is one of the most widely referred to cases when speaking about disruption in the insurance sector. But what is Trōv exactly about? What is the business model? How successful is it? Trōv’s founder and CEO Scott Walchek will share his vision in a keynote presentation at DIA Amsterdam, this May. To warm up we’ve interviewed Scott last week.
MEDICI Top 21: Scouting for the top AI players in FinTech
29 MAR 2017 | In partnership with Generali, BBVA, Accenture, Mediolanum, CheBanca!, Old Mutual, Wells Fargo, ING and BNP OpenUp, MEDICI launches Top 21 - AI Startups Transforming the FinServ Value Chain Award. In response to tremendous success of MEDICI Top 21 – Blockchain Award and MEDICI Top 21 - InsurTech Award, MEDICI, in partnership with one of the leading international insurance companies and Banks, and the LTP Team, is now launching the MEDICI Top 21 – AI Startups Transforming the FinServ Value Chain Award to identify and showcase the most innovative startups who are applying AI to bring beneficial transformation into the value chain of FinServ companies.
Internet of Insurance Conference, Surrey
05 APR 2017 | The Internet of Things offers profound opportunities for insurers to better understand risk, impose preventative solutions and differentiate product offerings in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Through combination of best practice industry case studies and expert insight, the Internet of Insurance explores the business case for IoT in the industry. Key issues to be explored will be: turning the unprecedented volume and velocity of new IoT data into valuable and actionable insights; exploring how IoT can enable competitive advantage and market differentiation through industry best practices exchange; ensuring ROI for your IoT investment though detailed analysis of qualitative and quantitative benefits of new products. Insurtech News members enjoy 15% discount on delegate passes (not applicable for any solution providers or consultancies) using this promo code - ITN17
Life Insurance Forum, Amsterdam
05 APR 2017 | Amsterdam | Who Will Attend ? MoBs, CxOs, VPs, Directors and Heads of Life and Composite Insurance Companies, Brokers, Reinsurers, Regulators, Wealth Management and Fund Managers, Savings/Pension Fund/ Unit Trust Entity Representatives, Investment & Risk Analysts, Actuaries, Auditors, Lawyers, IT Experts as well as Banking and Management Consultant

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