Sent on February 15, 2017

Meet Brolly, The UK Insurtech Startup
14 FEB 2017 | Brolly is a London-based startup using cutting edge AI technology to give customers a mobile insurance locker, advisor and shop, cutting down on costly renewals and coverage gaps.
ManchesterStory Launches Fintech, Healthcare & Insurtech Venture Capital Firm
13 FEB 2017 | A new venture capital firm has been launched in Des Moines, IA. According to a regulatory form filed with the SEC, the firm is seeking $125m, which can be increased to $200m, hand has raised $31m to date. Founded by Matt Kinley, an active investor in Healthcare & FinTech with a twenty-two year experience, and Dave Miles, a thirty-year insurance investment veteran, and backed by a consortium of insurance companies from across the country, ManchesterStory Group targets early to growth-stage investments in FinTech and Healthcare, with a particular focus on innovative technologies across the insurance industry.
One, Inc. Launches ClaimsPay Instant Claims Payment Solution
10 FEB 2017 | Speaking at the One, Inc.’s first user group meeting yesterday in Scottsdale, Ariz., CEO Chris Ewing made a blunt statement introducing the vendors new ClaimsPay solution, officially announced this morning: “The check is dead.” ClaimsPay, the newest component in One, Inc.’s cloud-architected ProcessOne payment software, lets insurers deliver claim payouts instantly to a claimant’s bank account, debit card, or prepaid debit card.
6 IoT devices making waves in claims
10 FEB 2017 | New trends have surfaced in IoT and the connected home as carriers experiment with smart devices as a way to cut down claims losses. The recent Consumer Electronics Show revealed a number of devices that could impact the insurance industry, according to industry experts. Following are some of the highest-potential products.
New Venture Capital Firm Looking for Insurtech Startups
09 FEB 2017 | The insurance industry has a new venture capital firm looking to make early to growth-stage investments in innovative insurance technologies. David Miles, a 30-year insurance investment veteran and owner of the insurance carrier asset management firm Miles Capital, and Matt Kinley, a Pappajohn Capital Resources investor who has backed more than 50 healthcare and technology firms, have launch of ManchesterStory Group, a venture capital firm backed by a consortium of insurance companies from across the country.
Insurtech: The Modern Age of Insurance
09 FEB 2017 | Insurance is one of the oldest businesses and is traditionally offline — think of the forms you need to sign, the policies you need to review, and all the paperwork you need to go through when making a claim. Insurance Business begs the question, “If all of your other important transactions are online, why wouldn’t you do the same with your insurance?”
Insider View: InsurTech Venture Partners
08 FEB 2017 | The response of the traditional (re)insurance industry to the rise of InsurTech has been varied. While many companies have taken a proactive approach and established internal divisions to either research or invest in the burgeoning technology, others have chosen to reserve judgement. In other words, while everyone in the industry is talking about InsurTech, and some have chosen to jump on this particular bandwagon now, the response has been far from homogenous.
InsurTech startup CXA Group secures $25Mn in series B to focus on expansion and product acceleration | The Tech Portal
08 FEB 2017 | Singapore-based health technology startup CXA Group today announced it has received $25 million in series B investment from Facebook’s co-founder Eduardo Saverin’s B Capital Group and Singapore’s EDBI and has been valued at $100 million. Other participating investors in the round include global
Smart homes, the future of domestic life
08 FEB 2017 | Imagine a fridge which sends you an alert on your phone if its door is not closed properly, an induction hob which allows you to remotely control cooking, a watch which checks your health and your sleep, or a light bulb which analyzes the air quality or monitors your home when you are away. This may sound like science fiction.
Why the Connected Patient is the Killer App in the Digital Age of Medicine
08 FEB 2017 | If you search on the phrase “killer app”, you will find a definition along the lines of a feature, function, or application of a new technology or product that is presented as virtually indispensable. The two essential components of the killer app being: 1. Competitive features and function 2. Indispensability Before diving into the healthcare part of this, it is worth mentioning one of the all-time great killer apps in consumer technology: The Sony Walkman.
O2 Drive(s) down motor insurance premiums with latest IoT offering
03 FEB 2017 | Mobile network operator (MNO) O2 claims to be the first mobile company in the UK to offer car insurance with the launch of its IoT-based monitoring service, O2 Drive. Alongside O2 Drive, the MNO has released a telematics proposition know as Box on Board, which was built with the assistance of Junction, insurance provider BGL Group’s brand partnership arm. Both versions of the policy aim to encourage safer driving, while providing exclusive perks and potential discounts on insurance premiums.
InsurTech Is a Storm Hitting the Old-fashioned Insurance Industry
08 FEB 2017 | The individual customer has to be at the centre of the marketing strategy of every company who wants to succeed. Customer-centric marketing approach starts from the realization that there is no “average” customer. Customers have different behaviours and preferences – and this presents rich opportunities to move past a “one-size-fits-all” marketing approach. Customer-centric marketing teams think of their customer base as their greatest long-term investment.
What are Insurers in Asia doing about their digital transformation?
07 FEB 2017 | The progress of digital transformation in the Asia-Pac insurance market The Asian insurance market is the fastest growing insurance market in the world and it is expected to drive the global market over the next few years. This growth will be down to two major factors - the developing middle class across a very diverse region and a new generation approaching the market for the first time with changing insurance needs.
Big Data & Analytics for Insurance, London
14 FEB 2017 | Data analytics is no longer restricted to the realm of technology in insurance. Today it is a business imperative. As well as providing solutions to long-standing business challenges, big data and analytics offers the power to transform fraud detection, underwriting, pricing and claims. Yet with new data sources, new modelling tools and the rise of Insurtech, it’s increasingly difficult to keep up with the latest innovation in insurance analytics. That’s why we’re bringing together insurance companies from across Europe to explore how big data and analytics can drive business growth. We’ve assembled leading experts from the biggest insurers to guide you through the latest data-driven strategies for success.
Motor Insurance Conference 2017
15 FEB 2017 | Vienna | Bristol Hotel, IIF 2017 – New challenges for the CEE motor insurance industry is a top level environment for exchanging business insights on essential issues of the motor insurance industry. The event is completely organized for and by professionals, ensuring the highest quality program in all aspects.

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