Sent on April 27, 2016

Software is Eating the Insurance Business
26 APR 2016 | In line with venture capitalist Marc Andreessen’s 2011 proclamation that “software is eating the world,” it may be appropriate to also add the corollary that “software is eating the insurance business.” That's the gist of a post from Matteo Carbone, principal at Bain & Company, who asserts that the insurance sector is undergoing a profound change. Digital transformation has become a major challenge for insurance companies all over the world.
Telematics - The Game Changer for Motor Insurance
26 APR 2016 | Do not miss the opportunity to attend the lecture of a leading expert in telemetry Matteo Carbone from the Italian Bain & Company at the 1st International Motor Insurance Conference in Sofitel Budapest Chain Bridge Hotel in Budapest, Hungary on 27 -29 April 2016!
2016 insurance innovation trends
26 APR 2016 | In 2016, insurers will be investing in two macro areas,Connected Insurance and InsurTech, according to Bain & Company’s Matteo Carbone. Extract of the excellent Article of Matteo CARBONE They will be spurred on by the arrival of newcommers in the insurance value chain and bythe need for greater integration of user experience and data source; … Continue reading 2016 insurance innovation trends
Competing in an Age of Data Symmetry: Part 2
22 APR 2016 | In 1983, Microsoft Word was introduced. It wasn’t the first word processor, and it isn’t the only word processor, but it quickly became a standard — a “given.” From a productivity standpoint, the first adopters of word processing certainly had advantages over the alternatives (typewriters and ball point pens). Today, however, we all use Word and [...]
Insurtech in Asia: Accelerating Insurance Innovation
22 APR 2016 | Welcome to this week’s post! This post explores some of the important developments in insurance tech in Asia and takes a step forward to identify actions that can accelerate the pace of insurance innovation in this region. At the Heart of Insurance Over the past 10 years of having been in the insurance industry in various senior executive roles, I've become truly passionate about insurance (I’m not BS-ing you, hopefully you’ll understand where I’m coming from by the end of the post!). At its core, insurance helps safeguard societies.
Octo launches telematics services in Mexico
21 APR 2016 | Latest news from the automotive telematics industry including in-car infotainment, navigation and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. A free online resource of information for industry professionals.
Why Blockchain may transform Insurance before Banks #InsurTech
21 APR 2016 | Alternative title: Solvency 2 on the Blockchain. Almost all the early stories about Blockchain adoption were about Banks. Blockchain platforms and solutions providers are now seeing even more interest from Insurance. This research note looks into the reasons why and analyzes the second orde...
Technology Transforms How Insurers Calculate Risk
21 APR 2016 | SAN FRANCISCO — The world is a dangerous, unpredictable place — not a bad thing, perhaps, if you’re in the business of selling insurance, making loans or figuring out ways to prevent mishaps. But these days, technology is changing some of the calculations around risk, whether for car insurance, life insurance, flood insurance or even vacation-related accident insurance, and slowly but surely disrupting the financial core of the insurance business.
Going Micro Is the Next Big Thing For Insurance Tech
21 APR 2016 | Microinsurance — like microloans and microcredit — is traditionally thought of as a product for those in the developing world who earn $4 or less per day. But the very same innovations that made microinsurance possible and profitable are about to transform the larger insurance market. For global insurers, microinsurance has been a fast-growth market: from 76 million clients in 2010 to 260 million in 2013.
How Big Data And Analytics Are Transforming The Construction Industry
20 APR 2016 | The construction industry is responsible for undertaking some of the biggest and most expensive projects on Earth. Huge amounts of resources and work go into major construction projects and of course this means that huge volumes of data are generated. Number crunching has always been a big part of construction [...]
SDN: Why It Matters and How Enterprises Can Benefit From It
20 APR 2016 | To understand why software-defined networking (SDN) is increasingly relevant, one needs to consider why networks exist in the first place: to provide connectivity and to deliver business-critical applications to valued stakeholders, including employees and customers. Indeed, the changing nature of application workloads has placed unprecedented demands on network infrastructure, especially in the data center.
The fintech revolution is here and disrupting banking, Bitcoin not so much…
20 APR 2016 | I have just returned from Money2020 in Copenhagen, effectively Disneyland for anyone interested in the fintech space. Themed “The Centre of the Revolution”, the conference brought together the leading lights of the financial service industry, VC funds and also technological innovators. Just under 4 000 delegates from 70 Countries heard from 422 speakers including leading lights such as Sir Michael Morris, Chairman of Sequoia Capital, Carlos Torres Villa CEO, BBVA, Nicolas Huss, CEO Visa Europe, Blythe Masters CEO Digital Asset holdings as well as the head of Mastercard, the VP of Amazon payments, the CEO of Visa, The COO of HSBC, [...]
Data and analytics in the fight against fraud with QBE Insurance
20 APR 2016 | FC Business Intelligence recently got in touch with Rob Smith-Wright, SIU Claims Manager at QBE Insurance to hear how they’re using data and analytics in the fight against fraud. This is your chance to get clued up on how one of the world’s foremost insurers is utilising analytics to hunt down the fraudsters that target your organisation.
The Three Pillars of Connected Insurance
15 APR 2016 | Being connected has become the talk of the town, and insurance companies are surely one of the main interested parties in this discussion, some of them being actual promoters of change and innovation. Traditional players will have a tougher time adapting to the new paradigm, but my view is that they will have to adjust in the long term to the new rules of the game if they want to stay competitive. Consumers are becoming more and more connected whether it is at home, at work, behind the wheel, when they engage in sports and leisure activities, and so on. This is happening quite fast, due to the adoption of smart devices, and companies have to be able to react accordingly in order to maximize value both for their clients and for themselves. The surrounding environment is becoming smart and is being incorporated in the connected ecosystem, thus creating new opportunities for insurance companies, opportunities which must be managed appropriately in order to maximize value. Here big data analytics play a huge role, as the quantity of collected data & variables is getting higher and higher. To be precise, the discussion focuses on how companies will be able to read the data in order to identify patterns and optimize their business models by controlling loss, perfecting risk assessment and prevention etc.
Motor Insurance Conference - Budapest, 27 - 29 April 2016
27 APR 2016 | Institute for Insurance was founded in 2006 by Tectus Ltd, publisher of the "World insurance" (Svijet osiguranja) magazine. The Institute aims are promotion and development of the insurance profession and development of the insurance market, regulation and staff training in the insurance industry. Director of the Institute for Insurance is Nikola Milijević, mag. el.
Conference and Exhibition Insurance Telematics Canada 2016
28 APR 2016 | Now in its 3rd year, Insurance Telematics Canada is the only event in Canada dedicated to the intersection between auto tech and insurance. This year’s edition will focus on the new considerations for automotive insurers working in an increasingly tech-based industry, including data analytics, value added services, and insuring a new range of ownerless and flexible mobility services.