Sent on November 25, 2015

Telematics Does Indeed Shape Many Drivers' Behavior: IRC Survey
23 NOV 2015 | With auto insurers such as Progressive and Allstate increasingly using telematics as an underwriting tool, the question remains as to whether the technology will truly influences drivers to be safer on the road. A new report suggests that the technology helps change behavior of many customers – particularly younger ones – though it lacks definitive safety data.
Why the insurance industry needs digital marketing
20 NOV 2015 | Social media is no longer a “nice to have” for any agency that wants to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced marketplace. Having an online presence is critical, whether you are targeting millennials or seniors. The right social strategy will make your lead gen efforts more effective. It will multiply your number of qualified prospects.
Roundtable: Are insurers ready for the next technology revolution?
20 NOV 2015 | A technology roundtable was held by Post and SSP on 21 October, the official Back to the Future Day. This was apposite timing, as the aim was to look at forthcoming trends that will impact the insurance industry.
Auto App Stores – Aftermarket is Winning this Game
20 NOV 2015 | Back in 2010 when Ford introduced the concept of smartphone tethered apps everyone believed that the connected aka smartphone on wheels has found its new winning feature to attract younger buyers. Truth be told that concept largely went nowhere despite many attempts from other OEMs to imitate, buy startups (Harman Aha) and even hire developers to build this business. But all the recent news and developments am witnessing in the aftermarket or direct B2C space by relative startups are leading me to different conclusions – some of these companies are actually getting it right and the OEMs might have gotten this one wrong.
Broker Apprentices team e-volve unveil digital trading platform
20 NOV 2015 | Trading platform prototype for independent brokers on show at Broker Expo. A trading platform concept, designed by Broker Apprentice's Team e-volve, will be on show at the Broker Expo in Coventry. Team e-volve will be at stand 101 at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry on 12 November. They are competing against Team Inspire (stand 116) to see who can create the best digital innovation.
Telematics Changing Drivers' Behavior: Insurance Research
19 NOV 2015 | Telematics devices offered by auto insurers appear to working to change the behavior of drivers. More than half (56 percent) of the 1,135 drivers participating in an Insurance Research Council (IRC) public opinion survey said they have made changes in how they drive since installing a telematics device provided by their insurance company in their primary vehicle.
Insurance at a Tipping Point (Part 3)
19 NOV 2015 | From the impact of analytics, digitization and more exacting customer expectations to the disruptive effect of regulation, geopolitical instability and two-speed global economic growth, the insurance marketplace will look very different in 2020. With the industry at a tipping point, the future belongs to businesses that can make sense of the gathering transformation and act strategically rather than simply reacting to events.
Corporate Insurance Deals To Tech Startups Hit Record In 2015
18 NOV 2015 | From bitcoin wallets to peer-to-peer lending marketplaces to data automation tools, more tech startups are receiving investments from insurance companies than ever before. Insurance corporates have completed over 35 investments to private tech companies in 2015 year-to-date (YTD). That’s already a 43% increase from all of 2014, and a whopping 725% rise from all of 2013, according to CB Insights data.
‘B’ Is for Behavioral: What Big Data Means for Insurance 
17 NOV 2015 | Big data is one of the signature issues of our time—and also one of the more poorly understood. Discussions of the topic often are clouded by what I call the “two dogmas of big data.” The first is that “bigger is better.” This is the idea that aspects of data volume, variety and velocity are what make big data valuable. But measures of raw data size are at best an imperfect proxy for amount of relevant, usable information the data can offer. ...
Insurance and the Internet of Things
03 NOV 2015 | Whenever you say the word “telematics,” people today almost always assume you are talking about motor insurance. Well, it’s the only use-case where telematic data is being used for insurance purposes, right? Wrong. There are plenty of other types of insurance where telematic data is available to help manage and reduce risk and even some where enlightened insurers will give you a discount based on sharing that data. And wherever you find that fire hydrant of telematic data cracked open, you’ll find a Big Data platform soaking it up and converting it into actionable insights for the insurer and hopefully the customer too.
How to transform an old fashioned Insurer into a Carrier like Oscar, fast and at low cost
10 NOV 2015 | The Internet of Things (IoT) is creating enormous opportunities that insurers can leverage to provide a better customer experience while simultaneously improving their profitability. In particular, insurers have a tremendous chance to upgrade their role in the health segment from a simple "payer" to an active "player" in the overall user experience cycle. The motor insurance telematics experience in Italy shows that this is possible. There, products linked to a connected insurance value proposition have already reached a market penetration of 15% and are now adopted by most insurers.
Insurance IoT USA
01 DEC 2015 | Drive customer satisfaction: Strengthen the customer-insurer relationship through new products, better customer engagement and value added services Unlock new sources of revenue: Get to grips with the innovative business models that harness IoT technology to generate new revenue streams Deliver more accurate risk assessment: Mobilize the granularity of IoT data to inform the underwriting process Reduce the severity and frequency of claims: Discover how continuous monitoring of insured risk and real-time prediction of loss propensity can reduce claims Improve the speed and efficiency of claims: Refine existing business models by harnessing advanced analytics to identify and understand risk Enhance claims services: Understand how automated loss notification can reduce processing cycle time and loss adjustment
Webinar: A Crucial Reexamination of Smartphones for UBI
26 NOV 2015 | Smartphone tech. continues to accelerate at an unprecedented rate and has re-captured the interest of insurers looking to offer usage-based insurance (UBI). Smartphone sensors can now rival that of telematics devices to capture driving data but there are still questions to the feasibility of the smartphone approach to UBI. So TU-Automotive has brought together RSA’s Global Telematics Director, Bain & Company’s foremost UBI expert and MAPFRE’s CIO to assess the smartphone as an avenue for UBI’s mass adoption - considering technical capability, business models and customer engagement strategies. Don’t be left behind as the competition innovates. Sign-up for free and join the interactive webinar (November 26th, 11am GMT). All registrants will be sent the recording after the webinar.