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Meet the techies: callum rimmer
21 MAR 2017 | What is your company doing in the InsurTech space? Car insurance: Just Miles is aiming to launch the UK's first real-time pay-per-mile car insurance policy. The idea is to create car insurance that fits better around drivers by letting them pay per mile and see all their journeys taken on our mobile app in real time.
Distribution costs key to first wave of InsurTech
21 MAR 2017 | InsurTech firms are targeting distribution in their first wave of disruption, and the polite, gentlemanly nature of their entry into insurance is unlikely to last long, speakers warned at The Insurance Insider's inaugural InsiderTech event. The event, held in New York last week (16 March), brought together representatives from (re)insurers, start-ups and venture funds to debate the role of established industry players in spurring innovation, as well as where InsurTech is headed and how carriers will have to adapt.
Startupbootcamp InsurTech Teams Up with Zurich Insurance Group
20 MAR 2017 | Startupbootcamp InsurTech, a London, UK-based accelerator program focused on insurance technology startups and corporate innovation, announces a new collaboration with Zurich Insurance Group, a multi-line insurer. The collaboration allows Zurich, which has expertise and global presence in more than 210 countries and territories, to engage with Startupbootcamp InsurTech’s portfolio consisting of startups with innovative business models and emerging technologies operating at various points of the insurance value-chain.
Aflac Launches Venture Capital Arm to Invest in Insurtech Startups
20 MAR 2017 | Aflac Incorporated, a Columbus, Ga.-based insurance company, is pursuing investment opportunities targeting early-stage companies whose mission is relevant to its core business. Designed to help the company enhance its strategic and innovative focus in both the U.S. and Japan, Aflac Corporate Ventures partners with technology accelerators to identify and invest in early-stage companies, accelerating innovation across the insurance value chain, including digital solutions that enhance the customer experience.
'Upscale millennials' more likely to adopt usage-based insurance
17 MAR 2017 | New research has found that nearly a third of millennials — those born between 1982 and 2000 — qualify as urban professionals earning in excess of $75,000 per year, according to Nielsen. That represents approximately 24 million U.S. consumers — a massive number by any stretch, and one that continues to grow rapidly.
Less Interested in Self-Driving Cars, Older Drivers Embrace Auto Safety Technology
17 MAR 2017 | Older drivers are increasingly comfortable with and recognize the benefits of active safety technology, but they are still reluctant to relinquish total control to an autonomous vehicle, according to a nationwide survey by Munich Re, US of drivers age 65 and older. Approximately two out of three (63 percent) drivers over age 65 intend to purchase their next vehicle with active safety technology
Munich Re invests in technology to generate growth
17 MAR 2017 | Munich Re is investing in technology and actively preparing and searching for growth opportunities to revert the current shrinking process. “Munich Re believes that it can grow through product innovation, through risk solutions as well as traditional reinsurance,” said CEO Nikolaus Von Bomhard at the company’s 2016 full year press conference.
InsurTech Futures: InMyBag uses tech to fight fraud
16 MAR 2017 | InMyBag, which offers cover for professionals who work using mobile devices, has formed a long-term partnership with Featurespace, an adaptive behavioural analytics fraud prevention company, to support the service to InMyBag members. InMyBag is an appointed representative of broker Let Insurance Services.
What SME brokers can learn from InsurTech start-ups
16 MAR 2017 | At the recent UK Broker Summit one thing that struck me was the cynicism among some delegates towards the potential for insurtech and digital to have any long lasting impact on the broking market.
Japan's Rakuten invests in Berlin 'InsurTech' company Simplesurance, taking funding to €30 million
16 MAR 2017 | LONDON — Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten has invested in Berlin-based "InsurTech" — insurance technology — company Simplesurance, amid a flurry of interest in the sector. Simplesurance announced on Thursday that Rakuten had invested in the business through its $100 million (£81.9 million) fintech fund, set up in 2015.
A dozen European start-ups will be defending their projects during Pitch Day
16 MAR 2017 | With just two weeks to go before the deadline for applications to participate in the InsurtechNow Pitch Day, 12 start-ups from a variety of countries have confirmed that they will be presenting their projects at this event. The Insurtech firms that have registered and been selected come from a variety of European countries such as Austria, Croatia, France and UK as well as Spain. They will give their presentations on 2 June, explaining the keys to their entrepreneurial projects in the field of insurance.
Insurtech: Adapting to a new way of looking at insurance
15 MAR 2017 | Fabric, BenRevo and many other life- and health-related insurtech startups are entering the insurance marketplace. I often have the pleasure of discussing ideas and proposed apps or platforms, and I can’t help but be impressed by their creativity and innovation.
Insurance carriers say driverless car data is key to rates
15 MAR 2017 | Insurance representatives told California lawmakers Wednesday that access to data generated by autonomous vehicles will be key to their industry’s ability to write policies and assess liability in the emerging market. Ryan Gammelgard, counsel for State Farm Insurance Company Inc., told the Senate Insurance Committee that underwriters are not seeking information “on every aspect of [a] vehicle.”
Connectivity, mobility and autonomy are changing the rules in the North American motor insurance game
21 MAR 2017 | Also according to the new regulations that will come into act as of October 2017, in the European Union all new vehicles sold will have to be equipped with the e-Call emergency alert system. Italy has a significant advantage when it comes to telematics as it had the ideal circumstances for early adoption and has now reached a penetration of more than 17 % of the total cars with almost 6,5 million installed telematics boxes. Although the full impact of this technology is yet to come, the focus on telematics adoption is on the rise at a global level.
The North American Connected Insurance Observatory Names Its Board of Advisors
14 MAR 2017 | The North American Connected Insurance Observatory, a think tank formed in 2016 and dedicated to engaging the insurance industry and innovation leaders, has named its Advisory Committee to help guide and stimulate future discussions on the Internet of Things (IoT), telematics and other insurance innovation topics and trends in the North American market.
Cyber Insurer and Broker Assembly
23 MAR 2017 | London | Today, cyber attacks are more frequent and more costly than ever before.There were 2.5 million UK cyber crime incidents in the 12 months to June 2015, and the average cost of a data breach in 2015 was $3.8 million, a 23% increase since 2013. Despite this, your customers do not fully understand the risks, and often incorrectly believe that their existing policies will cover them. Hear from those leading the way in cyber insurance innovation, and devise the strategies you need to navigate the complex risks of an interconnected world: join us at the Cyber Insurer and Broker Assembly 2017 - the only cyber event worth going to.
23 MAR 2017 | Berlin, Germany | With the latest technology developments individuals become better and faster informed about their health, their diseases and what they can do in order to better protect themselves and the one they love. This disruption not only is challenging the industry but also give the insurers a great window of opportunity to maximize the growth and company’s portfolio. The EHI Conference 2017 will discuss how to keep up with the ever changing environment, what are the benefits and threats that the digital era pose to the Insurers and Health-care industry and what are the latest trends and options in growing the business better and faster.

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