Sent on June 28, 2017

German mobile bank expands into insurance
28 JUN 2017 | German mobile bank N26 said on June 26 that it is expanding its services and products to include insurance in its offering. N26 will partner with German insurtech Clark to offer a digitised insurance service as it aims to become a one-stop app for all of its users’ financial needs.
Insurtech adoption jumps: EY
27 JUN 2017 | Telematics and wearables helping companies better predict claim probability, as well as the inclusion and growth of premium comparison sites, has driven a surge in insurtech adoption, according to a study by consulting and advisory firm EY.
Munich Re backed carrier ONE acquired by InsurTech wefox
27 JUN 2017 | A digital insurance carrier backed and reinsured by global player Munich Re is to be integrated into InsurTech start-up wefox’s platform as an innovation partner from September 2017, as wefox acquires ONE. Fintech image via George Washington UniversityWefox said that it is integrating digital insurer ONE, which was launched in 2016 by former Zurich Insurance Group executive Stephan Ommerborn, in order to “keep pace with the digital revolution.”
Insurtech firm Clark and N26 launch digital insurance service
26 JUN 2017 | Clark, a German insurance robo-advisor, has inked a deal with mobile bank N26. Clark says its Bancassurance-API will help customers of N26 “to better understand their current tariffs and improve their insurance situation”. “The co-operation between Clark and N26 features a fully digital dashboard displaying all contract details directly in the bank app. Reporting claims is possible with a few clicks,” Clark explains.
InsurTech Futures: Use of tech by consumers growing in insurance
26 JUN 2017 | EY says that the future use of FinTech in insurance is projected to rise to 55%. A report into the adoption of FinTech by customers from consultancy EY has found that 24% of insurance consumers are now using FinTech solutions (otherwise known as InsurTech) to transact or communicate with their provider.
26 JUN 2017 | The Internet of Things (IoT) is everywhere. You cannot flip through a magazine, attend a conference or read a news feed without finding a reference to IoT. With good reason – the IoT has become an important part of the technology landscape, altering the way we live, work, manage problems and conduct business. Fundamentally, what is happening is that a growing number of devices are being connected over the Internet.
2017 Global Insurance Symposium - 4 Ps of Insurtech: Innovation Keynote
23 JUN 2017 | Published on Jun 13, 2017 4 Ps of Insurtech: Innovation Keynote -Matteo Carbone, Connected Insurance Observatory
Insurtech Startup Buys MGA in California with Product for Agents in Mind
23 JUN 2017 | Insurtech startup Bridger has purchased Pleasanton, Calif.-based SCJ Insurance Services in a step toward launching what the firm contends will be “simpler, cheaper, and easier-to-manage automotive insurance.” Bridger CEO Kimo Winterbottom talked about the acquisition with Insurance Journal on Thursday and said the plan is for the managing general agency to continue to work with independent agents.
How Insurtechs Maximize Profits and Competitive Advantage
23 JUN 2017 | The potential to disrupt the historic insurance industry model has made insurtech one of the hottest new areas of innovation and investment, with entrepreneurs developing technologies at a breakneck pace and venture capital firms seeking to put investment dollars behind an exciting range of new products and services aimed at efficiencies and cost savings.
Technology will shrink the insurance market, says RSA's Leitch
23 JUN 2017 | RSA global connected insurance director Kenny Leitch states InsurTech will stop claims from happening. InsurTech is set to shrink the insurance market, according to Kenny Leitch, global connected insurance director at RSA. “There is an opportunity to use data and technology to create fewer collisions, fewer injuries and fewer claims,” Leitch explained.
22 JUN 2017 | Lemonade recently published their latest ‘Transparency Chronicle’ blog post. The data is a little patchy so we thought we’d do some digging into performance to date and see where things could be heading. In the spirit of transparency, you can download our spreadsheet with the source data and our calculations here. Please note that this analysis is based on public data and has not been reviewed by Lemonade.
Meet the techies: Paul Williams
21 JUN 2017 | Paul Williams, executive chairman of the JRW Group, warns brokers that fresh thinking is needed to survive in a changing world. What is your company doing in the InsurTech space? We currently have a total of nine niche insurance products in the market, with more in the development stage due to launch this year.
Insurer start-up Oscar Health preps to sell 2018 Obamacare plans in Nashville
21 JUN 2017 | Health insurance start-up Oscar Health is gearing up to sell individual plans in the greater Nashville area in 2018, an expansion into the Southeast that will give area residents a second option on the Obamacare exchange. The company will formally apply on June 21 with the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance for approval to be an insurer in nine counties.
Can Malaysia catch up in the InsurTech race?
12 JUN 2017 | The first known insurance contract dates back to as early as 1347 when a ship was insured in Genoa for its voyage. Insurance may have been around for seven centuries but the business has changed very little. Even though we are now able to insure everything from our cars, homes, health to mobile phones, there have been only minor leaps in the adoption of technology across the insurance value chain. Fast forward to 2017 and all that’s about to change thanks to the impact of the insurtech disruption, which is the sudden wave of innovation fuelled by the intersecting fields of cloud, mobile, social, internet of things and artificial intelligence. Insurtech is finally enabling multiple value creation opportunities across the entire spectrum of the insurance business model.
CONNECTED: Insurtech and IOT
08 JUN 2017 | The “CONNECTED: Insurtech and IOT” event to be held in Milan on June 15th @ Microsoft House, will be centered around one of the most exciting topics of 2017: the evolution of the insurance world through new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Social Networks, Augmented Reality and IoT. Fluel, the organizer of the event, will bring together some of the biggest names in insurance technology alongside managers that have already been working “hands on” in insurtech, AR and IoT - related projects. The conference will be a great opportunity to allow networking and promote debate between important sector players.
3rd Annual Insurance Analytics Canada Summit
28 JUN 2017 | Toronto | Insurance Analytics Canada is a customer built event created specifically for the Canadian Insurance P&C Industry to dig deep in to business-critical topics around big data and analytics. In the digital age, insurers must interact differently with their customers. By building new operating models that, in turn, allows insurers to get a 360 degree view of the customer, effectively place products, enhance pricing models, manage risks, and respond to claims and fraud, those insurers that focus on these improvements will gain a clear competitive advantage.
RPA & Intelligent Automation BFSI: The Future has Arrived
10 JUL 2017 | London, UK | Whist Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence is still just a buzzword in some industries, it is now a key competitive advantage in banking, insurance and financial institutions. Transformation in back office operations and effortless customer interactions at the front end is now what’s considered the new normal. Building on the groundbreaking success of RPA & AI Summit 2016, SSON & PEX Network is proud to bring you RPA & Intelligent Automation BFSI, to provide a true peer to peer platform with a surgical focus on practical and specific challenges for the BFSI industry.

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