Sent on November 22, 2017

Are Lyft drivers insured like Uber drivers?
22 NOV 2017 | Given Lyft’s promised arrival in Canada by the end of the year, insurance coverage for the ride-sharing service remains a big question mark.
InsurTech Conference by Fosun Gains Global Reputation in Its Second Year
21 NOV 2017 | Today Fosun Group convened the 2nd Global Insurtech Innovation Conference (GIIC) in Shanghai, which has been widely recognized as one of the most influential global events of its kind.
Artificial Intelligence Market in Insurtech: Forecast (2017 - 2022)
21 NOV 2017 | AI is described as the science of creating intelligent machines capable of performing real time tasks at a level of human expert emphasizing nearly every business operation across various business sectors.
InsurTech Futures: Start-up Zego raises £6m
20 NOV 2017 | Broker providing pay-as-you-go insurance for the sharing economy secures funding from Balderton Capital. Pay-as-you-go InsurTech start-up Zego has raised £6m in series A funding from Balderton Capital, as it gets set to launch new products for flexible workers employed in the sharing economy.
Insurtech teams up with HUB and Miami Dolphins
17 NOV 2017 | A Canadian insurtech company has partnered with broking giant HUB International and NFL team the Miami Dolphins to bring a new insurance experience to football fans.
Where Insurers Are Investing In Digital Wealth Management
17 NOV 2017 | We mapped the digital wealth startups that insurers like Nationwide, USAA, Aviva, and more have invested in or acquired. The walls between the worlds of insurance and wealth management are coming down.
US Health Care – it’s complicated and there is no simple #Insurtech fix
17 NOV 2017 | In August, I bought a policy with a carrier and used an agent. As this is Open Enrollment season and I just purchased my first policy in the post-ACA world, I thought it would be a apt to talk a bit about the US health care system and how I think Insurtech can help. I will focus on 3 areas:
95% of investment in insurtech distribution will be wasted - Guidewire chief exec
16 NOV 2017 | 95% of investment in new insurtech distribution models will be wasted, claims Guidewire chief executive Marcus Ryu. Addressing the press at Guidewire Connections 2017, Ryu said that recent investments in insurtech amount to a bubble and it had all happened “too fast”.
5 Steps to a Connected Car Strategy
16 NOV 2017 | We are awash in data, and as modern life becomes increasingly connected it is going to quickly turn into an avalanche. Analysis of driving behavior is already challenging the fundamentals of insurance pricing, and that is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.
Do regulators understand insurtech?
16 NOV 2017 | Across the industry, insurtech is the buzzword. Potential game-changers such as artificial intelligence and blockchain could irreversibly change the landscape.
Will these big tech players be enablers, distributors, insurance carriers or insurtechs?
22 NOV 2017 | Here we are with question no. 2 for our 50insurtech influencers. Will the big techs like Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple become enablers, distributors, insurance carriers or insurtechs? There are different points of view about what they will do in the insurance sector and how they will actually do that.
Investment prognosis for the insurance industry plus effects on the job market
20 NOV 2017 | We explored where carriers are focusing their money, time, staff and training resources in their bid to stay relevant and competitive in today's fast-moving insurance market. Today we are continuing that theme, examining some key bellwethers for the general health and future direction of the traditional industry. Insurance, relying as it does on predictions about complex future events, has always been a data-hungry, data-driven industry.
Are GAFA and BAT sinking their teeth into the juicy insurance industry?
17 NOV 2017 | Given recent moves made by some of the world’s biggest tech players in the insurance industry, the moment has come to put them under a microscope. And how better way to do that than ask our 50insurtech influencers some key questions and get some key insights into how the close future might look like.
AI Expo North America
29 NOV 2017 | Santa Clara Convention Center, Silicon Valley | The AI Conference & Exhibition taking place 29-30th November at Santa Clara Convention Center is a showcase of next generation technologies and strategies from the world of Artificial Intelligence, an opportunity to explore and discover the practical and successful implementation of AI in driving forward your business in 2017 and beyond. The high-level conference will bring together forward thinking brands, market leaders, AI evangelists and hot start-ups to explore and debate the advancements in Artificial Intelligence and the impacts within the Enterprise & Consumer sectors. Topics covered include Business Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, AI Algorithms, Data & Analytics, Virtual Assistants & Chatbots as well as case study based presentations proving an insight into the deployment of AI across different verticals. The AI Expo will bring together over 2,000 visitors over the two days including IT decision makers, developers & designers, heads of innovation, brand managers, data analysts and scientists, start-ups and innovators, tech providers and venture capitalists. The AI Expo will be co-hosted alongside the IoT Tech Expo, the largest global gathering for the Internet of Things sector, and Blockchain Expo, with both shows attracting in excess of 9,000 attendees for two days of insightful content covering the whole ecosystem surrounding IoT & Blockchain. Register your Free Expo pass or Gold conference pass today!
Insurance IoT USA Summit 2017
30 NOV 2017 | The Connected Revolution is well underway, and with a multitude of applications across the insurance industry, carriers are turning from investigating opportunities to implementing an IoT strategy. From defining and tracking outcomes to streamlining processes, integrating technology and building partnerships across the IoT ecosystem, insurance carriers must juggle many elements in the quest for IoT success. At the 3rd Annual Insurance IoT USA Summit, join over 500 insurance visionaries and leaders to gain both inspiration and practical tools for immediate implementation from innovative insurance case studies.

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