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InsurTech Insider - Ep 3. The data economy and new business models
13 SEP 2017 | In this episode: David and Nigel are joined by three fantastic guests: Jean-Stephane Gourevich, professional advisor and InsurTech guru, Luca Schnettler founder of Healthy-Health and Erik Abrahamsson, CEO and founder of Digital Fineprint.
Tesla automation faulted by NTSB in 2016 fatal Florida crash
13 SEP 2017 | Tesla Inc.’s design of its Autopilot system contributed to a 2016 fatal crash in Florida, U.S. accident investigators concluded as they recommended all automakers prevent autonomous driving systems from being used on roads for which they are not designed.
Enservio Offers Online Inventory Tools Free to Assist with Hurricane Recovery and Claims Efforts
12 SEP 2017 | The and contents inventory creation tools assist citizens inventorying their lost or damaged personal property.
Interview: Disruptive insurtech start-up Pineapple
12 SEP 2017 | Thank you for listening to the TechCentral podcast. In this episode, Duncan McLeod chats to the three co-founders of fintech start-up Pineapple, which has just raised R5.2m in funding to take its potentially disruptive “insurtech” solution to market.
The insurtech trends making the greatest impact in 2017
11 SEP 2017 | A study of Google Trends will show you a huge spike in the mentions of ‘InsurTech’ since February 2016, and that’s because people and investors are beginning to take note of how state-of-the-art AI can enhance the insurance sphere and disrupt specific elements of the insurance value chain.
InsurTech Futures: CDL launches InsurTech incubator
11 SEP 2017 | Software house says incubator will support start-up ideas and accelerate time to market for new technology developments. CDL has launched the CDL Incubator, a provision to support start-up ideas and accelerate the development of innovative new technologies for the insurance sector and beyond.
Insurtech risk selection may diminish the role of reinsurers: Swiss Re CEO
11 SEP 2017 | The insurtech revolution will have a massive impact on the primary insurance market and has the potential to shrink the business available to reinsurers, Christian Mumenthaler, the chief executive of Swiss Re, told Monte Carlo Today.
Women-led insurtechs emerge with fresh ideas for industry
08 SEP 2017 | The insurance industry, known more for its risk-averse profile than its appetite for disruption, has begun to fundamentally shape-shift over the past decade. A great deal of that change has come thanks to insurtech startups that are changing the game by bringing new technologies to the industry.
Midwest Insurtech Startup, Pablow Inc., Adds 50 State Car Rental Insurance to its Portfolio
07 SEP 2017 | Pablow, an innovative insurtech startup focused on improving access to and utilization of niche and on-demand travel insurance products globally, is pleased to announce the immediate availability of car rental insurance via their platform. The initial release is through, a brand focused on reducing the cost to insure rental cars in the U.S.
Munich Re partners with insurtech Drover
07 SEP 2017 | Digital Partner, a unit of Munich Re, has entered into a partnership with insurtech company Drover to launch a tailor-made product for ride-sharing drivers and fleet owners.
Maiden Re backs insurtech drone start-up
07 SEP 2017 | The reinsurer is among a group of investors who have provided $2.05 million of funding to Betterview, a US company that uses software and services, including drones, to capture and analyse date for buildings and properties, which can be used by the property insurance industry.
Much More to Offer - Telematics Insurance Hits Southeast Asian Shores
07 SEP 2017 | Telematics insurance (or connected insurance) is carving out its own space in the insurance industry globally. It is the fastest growing insurtech segment and has been consistently demonstrating the highest impact on the insurers’ profitability. At present, it is the auto insurance that has produced the most successful use case for connected insurance. In some countries, car insurers have already transformed the data collected through car sensors into actionable knowledge that has gone on to create a positive impact across their entire value chain, generating value for both themselves and their customers.
Capital increase for the insurtech startup Neosurance
05 SEP 2017 | Neosurance, the machine learning and AI-based agent which enables the sales of instant micro policies, has just finalized a successful capital increase of 705,000 Euro, with offers from investors well above the maximum agreed amount. This seed round brings the total funds raised by the company close to one million Euro.
4th Annual OPEX Insurance Disruptive Transformation
18 SEP 2017 | Conquer The Chaos & Technology of Today: Become The Insurer of Tomorrow The insurance industry has always been one of the most competitive in the world. The traditional battlegrounds were underwriting, claims and process efficiencies, but rapidly changing customer expectations, disruptive models of service delivery and lower barriers for customer defection are all potential game changers. The insurance industry is a vast consumer of information, historically requiring great human expertise to turn disparate data into sound business decisions, but that too is changing. In the new world, small companies will quickly become big and because the market is finite, some big players will have to become smaller! And the force multiplier for all of this change is, without question, technology. Atlanta, US | Companies that can integrate technology, deploy superior data analytics and process automation and then combine it to deliver world-class customer experience are likely to be the winners at the expense of those who cannot. How prepared are you and your organisation for the changes on the horizon? Do the answers lie in ‘plug-in & play’ point solutions or should changes be at platform level? Is it one size fits all or is it ‘horses for courses’? Where do the ‘people and processes’ fit into technology or technology fit into the people and process? And, how tech-savvy do the decision-makers in your OPEX need to be?
20 SEP 2017 | Vienna | Join Insurance Innovation Day to see the latest trends from the sector and become an Insider. Are you working in a future-oriented company? Do you have amazing products or services? Do you like Insurance? If you answered the 3 questions with Yes, you are definitely suitable for our Innovation Day. Our ORF & Event Moderator Julia Schutze will lead us throughout the day. We have developed an interesting event concept for you.
Blockchain Live London
20 SEP 2017 | The Brewery, London | Unlocking the value of blockchain for Enterprise and the Public Sector. At Blockchain Live we are dedicated to ensuring that you have access to content that is best suited to your individual needs. As such we have separated our audience into Adopters and Explorers with 5 market-leading content stages providing information and guidance targeted at where you are in your blockchain journey.

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