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The Top InsurTech Ventures by Capital Raised
14 MAR 2017 | InsurTech is in it’s Cambrian explosion phase with lots of funding action. So we thought it was time for a snapshot. The amount of capital raised is only one predictor of success. The startup world…
Insurtech and the Commercial insurance market: Winter is coming …. Time to reinvent your products or be left out in the cold!
14 MAR 2017 | In my previous article, I stressed that a new commercial insurance model is about breaking down existing operations and rebuilding a collaborative and innovative model. The rebuilt model would improve operational efficiencies, control costs, create innovative products, improve customer engagement experiences and produce sustained profitability.
China: Long-term care insurance may become mandatory
13 MAR 2017 | China is very likely to introduce compulsory long-term care insurance to cope with ever increasing care needs, particularly for the elderly, a national political advisor has said. Mr Hu Xiaoyi, former Vice Minister of Human Resources and Social Security and a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, made these remarks on the sidelines of the annual session of the Conference, reported China Daily.
Does Lemonade have the secret?
13 MAR 2017 | Forget Everything You Know About Insurance. Instant everything. Killer prices. Big heart. That's how US general insurance company ‘Lemonade' describe themselves. They also claim to hold the world record for paying the fastest ever insurance claim at just 3 seconds. Less time that it took to read this sentence.
Insurtech futures: moorhouse founder sets up insurtech firm
10 MAR 2017 | Moorhouse Group founder Lyndon Wood has joined forces with winner of the BBC's The Apprentice, Tim Campbell, to set up an insurtech firm called Blockrox, Insurance Age can reveal. The firm claims to help insurance providers use blockchain technology to add more security to their processes while reducing costs.
When worlds collide: Insurers and InsurTech
10 MAR 2017 | The insurance industry is on a collision course. Like the 1933 science fiction novel of the same name, a small number of individuals with insight recognize this fact and are preparing for a new and different future, while many others are blissfully unaware of the impending danger.
Fintech Products Work Best With Open Access to Data: Canadian Regulator -
10 MAR 2017 | Canada's largest, most influential securities regulator said open access to data is essential to developing financial tech solutions using innovative technology such as blockchain, in a white paper published on Monday.
EMC Insurance Companies Chooses Octo for Fleet Telematics Platform
09 MAR 2017 | EMC Insurance Companies (Des Moines) has chosen Octo Telematics (London) as a fleet telematics partner for its commercial telematics program, Peak Fleet. Octo Telematics reports that it will provide the full platform and accompanying services for the insurer’s fleet telematics program to promote safer driving and maximize fleet performance.
Confusing, Costly Cyber Policies Create Obstacles to Market Growth: Deloitte
09 MAR 2017 | Despite the rising profile of cyber risks, buyers have failed to widely embrace cyber coverage. At the same time, insurers generally have remained cautious about writing the coverage on a large scale basis. A recent report published by accounting and consulting firm Deloitte detailed the reasons for this mismatch between a source of organic growth for insurers and what could become an essential tool for buyers to fill a potentially huge exposure gap.
Around the P&C insurance industry: March 8, 2017
08 MAR 2017 | Jacksonville, Florida-based workers’ compensation services provider One Call Care Management has completed the acquisition of analytics and data visualization platform High Line Health. “Combining High Line’s platform with One Call’s expertise in workers’ comp will accelerate the pursuit of better outcomes for our customers and injured workers,” said Dale Wolf, president and CEO at One Call.
Insurtech opportunities could reinvigorate industry
08 MAR 2017 | Many propositions stemming from the insurance technology (or ‘insurtech’) space are designed to reinvigorate some of the most traditional methods and practices within the insurance industry, including product purchasing and distribution, according to research and consulting firm GlobalData.
EconoTimes to hold Insurtech & Blockchain Conference on March 20th; Tokyo Marine, Munich Reinsurance to share insights
08 MAR 2017 | Insurtech, a newly coined term, a portmanteau of “insurance” and “technology” is expected to be the hottest topic in this year’s fintech field. Amidst this growing attention, EconoTimes will be holding a conference focusing on its discussion will be held on March 20th, at the event hall of Seoul Posco P&S Tower.
The North American Connected Insurance Observatory Names Its Board of Advisors
14 MAR 2017 | The North American Connected Insurance Observatory, a think tank formed in 2016 and dedicated to engaging the insurance industry and innovation leaders, has named its Advisory Committee to help guide and stimulate future discussions on the Internet of Things (IoT), telematics and other insurance innovation topics and trends in the North American market.
The Heart of Life Insurance Innovation
10 MAR 2017 | In the case of shared value insurance, you first need to have the contract, and only after that does the personal data come in. However, if you do it the other way around, you have the possibility to hand-tailor insurance to anybody. Today, each person generates an insane amount of data each year – data that can be utilized. In case a person wants life insurance these days, they have to fill out countless forms and questionnaires so the insurer knows what type of client he has in front of him.
Disruption, Innovation & InsurTech Summit – part of RiskMinds Insurance
13 MAR 2017 | Hotel Okura, Amsterdam | If you're interested in how InsurTech affects risk management, the Disruption, Innovation and InsurTech Summit it'is the perfect event for you. You'll hear directly from leading risk managers within the insurance industry. About how they're embracing change, harnessing disruption and innovating their business model in an increasingly digital world. What are they doing? How are they collaborating with InsurTech firms? Discover the answers to these burning questions and more. Quote VIP Code FKN2488ITNW for a 10% discount
insurance Nexus USA 2017, Chicago
14 MAR 2017 | Swisshotel Chicago | Insurance Nexus USA is the only venue where business transformation leaders and analytical minds unite – join this discussion on how to square up to disruption and become the future insurer! In 2017, the Event Features 2 Parallel Streams dedicated for Business Heads and Analytical Minds to Bring All Insurance Futurists In-Line. Get $200 off the registration price by using this code: 4805ITN200

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