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Global IoT insurance market to reach nearly US$43 billion by 2022: study
07 FEB 2017 | The global Internet of Things (IoT) insurance market is estimated to grow dramatically at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 65.89% to reach US$42.76 billion by 2022 from 2016, according to a new report from Research and Markets.
InsurtechNow Pitch Day – a great opportunity for InsurTech startups
07 FEB 2017 | An exciting opportunity for startups to promote their innovative projects and technological expertise to the insurance market at InsurtechNow Pitch day. This inaugural event presenting disruptive technology projects for Insurtech companies, will connect inspiring and strategic concepts in one place
11 Fintech Companies in UK’s Trade Delegation to Australia & New Zealand
06 FEB 2017 | The Department for International Trade (DIT), the UK’s sole government department that negotiates to strike or extend trade agreements between the UK and non-EU states will send a Fintech delegation of 11 UK companies to Australasia.
Insurtech in 2017: making insurance great again » Banking Technology
06 FEB 2017 | There are many reasons to be excited about insurtech in 2017, believes Oisin Merrins, editor at FinTech Futures Series (Banking Technology’s sister company). In these tumultuous times, the relative calm of the insurance industry may give the impression that all is ticking along as usual. That impression would be wrong. 2017 looks set to be another exciting year as InsurTech continues its mission to “make insurance great again”.
Top 10 Latest Insurtech Trends
06 FEB 2017 | Insurtech is a fintech subsector that is growing fast, with the global Insurtech market expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of over 10% between 2016 and 2020, according to Technavio. The term Insurtech is closely related to the innovative changes in the insurance industry which depends on the needs of the evolution …
Validus invests $25mn in Aquiline InsurTech fund
06 FEB 2017 | Specialty carrier Validus has ring-fenced $25mn of capital to invest in InsurTech ventures, CEO Ed Noonan told The Insurance Insider. The money has been allocated to a specialist InsurTech fund established by Jeff Greenberg's Aquiline LLC. "We don't have an InsurTech fund - but we do invest in an Aquiline InsurTech fund," Noonan said.
Gamification: the Digital Discipline Driving Engagement in Insurance
03 FEB 2017 | Gamification has helped insurers better fulfill the needs of their customers and move away from conventional enterprise communications, and towards personalized, engaging interactions, but insurers must keep sight of its business purpose.
Is Ownership a Thing of the Past?
03 FEB 2017 | Ask a millennial who has just bought a car, “How much did you pay for it?” and the typical answer would be something like, “about $300 a month.” The same scenario will play out with other purchases such as a home, an expensive computer and virtually any other big-ticket consumer purchase. There is nothing wrong with putting the monthly cost (access) of a product ahead of the final price (ownership), because, in the mind of today’s consumers, ownership is increasingly the exception to the rule.
Insurtech futures: just miles to launch pay-per-mile car policy
02 FEB 2017 | Start-up managing general agent (MGA) Just Miles is launching a new pay-per-mile insurance policy with the aim to give drivers more control of their costs. The InsurTech firm stated that its "innovative new technology" and smartphone app will make car ownership fairer and easier to manage.
Insurtech Firm Lemonade Continues Transparency Push with Growth Update
02 FEB 2017 | Lemonade, the Insurtech firm that wants to bulldoze insurance as we know it, has published their 3rd and final in a series about platform growth and transparency. Chief Behavioral Officer Dan Ariely, the author of the update, recognizes that 100 days of data isn’t really that meaningful in the grander scheme of things but still, it is kinda interesting.
New report says insurtech is “one of the largest innovation ecosystems” globally
01 FEB 2017 | New research has revealed that the insurance industry is catching up in the use of technology to enhance products and services as it starts to overcome obstacles to adoption. A PR Newswire report on the study “Insurtech and Customer Services: Lessons for Incumbents” said that the insurance space had emerged to become “one of the largest innovation ecosystems globally in 2016.”
Insurtech and Customer Services: Lessons for the Incumbents
01 FEB 2017 | The emergence of insurtech has been fueled by new digital capabilities and Internet of Things (IoT) devices that are reducing costs, changing systems and processes, and enhancing the consumer experience. From an industry burdened by outdated systems and paper-based operations, the insurtech space has emerged as one of the largest innovation ecosystems globally in 2016, and is set to modernize the industry in the years going forward.
AI represents a double-edged sword for risk transfer industry
01 FEB 2017 | Recent developments in artificial intelligence (AI) in the re/insurance industry in 2017, such as the alleged job losses at Fukoku Life Mutual and the rise of AI in the insurtech space, has sparked a series of discussions surrounding both the potential and concerns arising from this phenomenon.
InsurTech Is a Storm Hitting the Old-fashioned Insurance Industry
08 FEB 2017 | The individual customer has to be at the centre of the marketing strategy of every company who wants to succeed. Customer-centric marketing approach starts from the realization that there is no “average” customer. Customers have different behaviours and preferences – and this presents rich opportunities to move past a “one-size-fits-all” marketing approach. Customer-centric marketing teams think of their customer base as their greatest long-term investment.
What are Insurers in Asia doing about their digital transformation?
07 FEB 2017 | The progress of digital transformation in the Asia-Pac insurance market The Asian insurance market is the fastest growing insurance market in the world and it is expected to drive the global market over the next few years. This growth will be down to two major factors - the developing middle class across a very diverse region and a new generation approaching the market for the first time with changing insurance needs.
Big Data & Analytics for Insurance, London
14 FEB 2017 | Data analytics is no longer restricted to the realm of technology in insurance. Today it is a business imperative. As well as providing solutions to long-standing business challenges, big data and analytics offers the power to transform fraud detection, underwriting, pricing and claims. Yet with new data sources, new modelling tools and the rise of Insurtech, it’s increasingly difficult to keep up with the latest innovation in insurance analytics. That’s why we’re bringing together insurance companies from across Europe to explore how big data and analytics can drive business growth. We’ve assembled leading experts from the biggest insurers to guide you through the latest data-driven strategies for success.
Motor Insurance Conference 2017
15 FEB 2017 | Vienna | Bristol Hotel, IIF 2017 – New challenges for the CEE motor insurance industry is a top level environment for exchanging business insights on essential issues of the motor insurance industry. The event is completely organized for and by professionals, ensuring the highest quality program in all aspects.

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