Sent on December 09, 2015

5 new marketing rules created by technology
04 DEC 2015 | The web, social media, smart devices, and other advances in technology have given marketers unprecedented ways to deliver their messages and engage with customers. In this new, technology-driven world of marketing, do the proven principles of marketing strategy still apply? Or are there new rules for marketing success?
Get ready to become Insurers of Things
03 DEC 2015 | The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), and the rapid growth of the interconnected digital economy, is forcing insurers to redefine how they conduct their business. It’s not enough for insurance companies to simply refocus their sales activities. Successful insurers, the new Insurers of Things, will have to realign other critical aspects of their business. In my previous blog, I identified two key roles that are likely to emerge in the insurance industry:
Why Uber should become a car insurer
03 DEC 2015 | What’s the next big thing for Uber? In its early years, a lot of people thought that it would slowly become a global logistics company, moving stuff around cities and the world. And indeed it’s dipping a couple of toes into that market, with its messenger service, Uber Rush, and its nascent food delivery operations, Uber Eats.
008 – Silicon Valley Venture Capital and Insurance Disruption
02 DEC 2015 | Christian Jensen is a principal at Silicon Valley based venture capital firm, Accel. He joined Accel in 2012 and focuses on growth-stage technology companies in enterprise software and SaaS. Prior to Accel, he worked at AEA Investors, Aetos Capital and Merrill Lynch. Christian is from Connecticut and graduated from Yale and the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Christian has […]
The Periodic Table of Insurance Tech
01 DEC 2015 | From P2P car insurance to on-demand insurance apps to new usage-based insurance applications, a wave of tech startups is targeting opportunities in the insurance value chain across the health, life, and property & casualty categories. Venture firms and corporate investors are increasingly involved in backing startups in the space, which raised record amounts of funding in 2015 year-to-date.
Innovation in insurance: are we looking the wrong way?
30 NOV 2015 | TechCrunch, the technology news site, recently declared that Insurance is the Next Frontier for Fintech. But the $3 billion of investments made in financial technology in 2014, which included support for developments in lending, equity financing and digital payments, were mainly focused in the banking industry. Insurance innovation was under represented, so has its time now come?
Average Funding Per Insurance Technology Category
30 NOV 2015 | The following infographic summarizes the average funding for each Insurance Technology category to show which Insurance Technology categories are the best funded. It shows that Product Insurance is in the lead with $63.24 Million funding per company, followed by Auto Insurance with $58.95 Million per company. Please note that this data is based only on Insurance Technology companies that have publicly available funding data.
The insurance sector is about to get seriously disrupted
30 NOV 2015 | A new global tech accelerator has been launched London which will search for tech companies around the world which can bring new innovation to the traditional world of insurance and its well-established companies. As FinTech takes off in the capital like never before, tech accelerator Startupbootcamp has added the new sector to its roster to help insurers transform their business as they remain behind the tech curve.
Digital Insurance Collective: The digital activists taking disruption in their stride
30 NOV 2015 | There is a lot of talk about the need for the sector to adapt to changing consumer demands but are tensions between the anti-risk culture of insurance companies and the nature of digital transformation holding back progress? The newly launched Digital Insurance Collective offer their insights and thoughts.
How to transform an old fashioned Insurer into a Carrier like Oscar, fast and at low cost
10 NOV 2015 | The Internet of Things (IoT) is creating enormous opportunities that insurers can leverage to provide a better customer experience while simultaneously improving their profitability. In particular, insurers have a tremendous chance to upgrade their role in the health segment from a simple "payer" to an active "player" in the overall user experience cycle. The motor insurance telematics experience in Italy shows that this is possible. There, products linked to a connected insurance value proposition have already reached a market penetration of 15% and are now adopted by most insurers.
Connected cars & insurance claims: a new paradigm, made in Italy
01 DEC 2015 | The Italian insurance market represents the international best practices of the use of Connected Insurance, according to almost any source. Telematics is now in its development phase and there is a long road ahead before the full potential of this technology is reached. Nevertheless, from an international perspective, it is clear that the Italian market has already accumulated the greatest experience in the use of telematics within the auto insurance value chain.
Consumer Telematics Show 2016
05 JAN 2016 | The Consumer Telematics Show (CTS) kicks off the calendar year for the connected car community, serving two strategic purposes; it gives automakers a platform for new partnership and product announcements and acts as the largest and most focused meeting point for 500+ automotive execs during International CES®.