Sent on February 22, 2017

Former Direct Asia managers launch Singapore insurtech firm with BGL parent
22 FEB 2017 | The owner of BGL group has teamed up with the co-founder of Direct Asia to launch a new insurtech start-up in Singapore. Simon Birch, the former managing director of Direct Asia, left that business in July 2015 following its acquisition by Hiscox to form Auto & General's first South-east Asian venture with the backing of BHL.
InsurTech Futures: Broker launches insurtech incubator
22 FEB 2017 | Broker Worry + Peace has teamed up with technology provider Mohara in order to support start-up UK-based insurance distributors. The broker said the partnership has been launched to offer insurance start-ups technical support and drive innovation. It will offer start-ups co-founder knowledge and expertise. Mohara provides a virtual chief technology officer and Worry + Peace offers regulatory support and products. Both firms will provide business development and management mentoring.
How Metromile plans to bring per-mile insurance to the masses
22 FEB 2017 | Late last year, the team at Metromile, a San Francisco-based provider of usage-based insurance, met to discuss the company’s evolving identity. In September, Metromile had acquired Mosaic Insurance, which officially turned it from an MGA into a full-fledged insurance carrier, licensed in all 50 states. A long journey had reached its apex.
9 consumer-friendly auto insurance innovations
22 FEB 2017 | It's not your parents' auto insurance marketplace.Technology, like the smartphone and artificial intelligence, is allowing traditional insurers and tech start-up companies the ability to create smarter and more consumer-friendly tools, especially for filing claims. The face of car insurance is undergoing a steady transformation with the development of phone apps, data analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) advances, machine learning breakthroughs, real-time video streaming, and telematics.
Smartphone Addicts Behind the Wheel Drive Car Insurance Rates Higher
21 FEB 2017 | Costs associated with car crashes are outpacing premium increases for some insurance companies, and insurers say the use of smartphones to talk, text and access the internet while on the road is a new and important factor behind the wrecks
Today in hackathons: Unearthed, Insurtech QC
17 FEB 2017 | Toronto and Quebec City are hosting conferences and hackathons to get tech enthusiasts excited about creating new and creative solutions. The Unearthed hackathon, taking place from March 3rd to March 5th at Bitmaker in Toronto, will give tech startups, entrepreneurs, and innovators the opportunity to develop solutions to challenges faced by mining companies.
Virtual nurse app raises $8 million from investors including the Mayo Clinic
16 FEB 2017 | San Francisco startup has raised $8 million in a Series B round of venture funding to bring its virtual nurse technology to clinics and patients of every kind. The company’s app helps physicians stay in touch with patients, and prevent readmission to the hospital.
IAG to open insurtech hub in Singapore
16 FEB 2017 | A decade-long relationship with the Singapore central bank has resulted in IAG becoming the first Australian insurer to set up an insurtech hub in Singapore, under a regulatory regime that the company says offers tax incentives and collaboration opportunities not always found in Australia.
The future of insurtech: Will insurance have an ‘Uber moment’?
15 FEB 2017 | The following is an opinion article written by Mark Andrews, director of general insurance at Altus Consulting. Insurance is asking itself the same question that every other industry is asking: Are we going to have an ‘Uber moment’? Opinions are divided on this in the insurance industry. We are not so sure that it will happen. Or not to the extent that Uber disrupted the taxi industry or Airbnb the hospitality industry
Digital Matrix Systems, Inc. Announces Participation in InsurTech Silicon Valley Summit, March 2017
15 FEB 2017 | Digital Matrix Systems, Inc. , a leading risk management solution provider, announced it is participating at the InsurTech Silicon Valley Summit being held March 29 - 30 in San Francisco and hosted by Silicon Valley Insurance Accelerator .
Why I’m Betting Against Lemonade
15 FEB 2017 | I’m betting against Lemonade, the highly publicized insurtech startup. I’m not betting against its ability to make money. The venture capitalists who have invested $60 million in the company are better at assessing the company’s financial chances than I am. Lemonade’s backers are in it to get rich—or richer—and not to make insurance “delightful,” as the company’s slogan goes, and they may well succeed.
9 consumer-friendly auto insurance innovations
15 FEB 2017 | It's not your parents' auto insurance marketplace. Technology, like the smartphone and artificial intelligence, is allowing traditional insurers and tech start-up companies the ability to create smarter and more consumer-friendly tools, especially for filing claims.
New funding and a bigger team for Neosurance with the entrance of Pietro Menghi and Matteo Carbone
20 FEB 2017 | As insurtech startups are slowly but surely expanding to cover more and more business categories, the US remains the indisputable leader with over 580 companies based on its territory. Hitting the peak in 2015 with 103 insurtech startups founded, the insurtech industry continues its growth – with a 340% growth in number of exists between 2011 and 2016 according to Venture Scanner.
InsurTech Is a Storm Hitting the Old-fashioned Insurance Industry
08 FEB 2017 | The individual customer has to be at the centre of the marketing strategy of every company who wants to succeed. Customer-centric marketing approach starts from the realization that there is no “average” customer. Customers have different behaviours and preferences – and this presents rich opportunities to move past a “one-size-fits-all” marketing approach. Customer-centric marketing teams think of their customer base as their greatest long-term investment.
Dubai World Insurance Congress 2017
28 FEB 2017 | Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai | Hosted by Global Reinsurance, the Dubai International Financial Centre and the DIFC Insurance Association, the Dubai World Insurance Congress is a new event for the international (re)insurance market. The Dubai World Insurance Congress brings together a panel of high profile executives to inspire discussion on the future of the international insurance industry. What will the insurance market look like in ten years? How will successful insurance companies embrace innovation? What will be the impact of insurtech? These are just some of the difficult questions our experts will explore.
Insurance Fraud
06 MAR 2017 | If you’re dedicated to defending your customers and your industry from fraudsters, and you want to share ideas with more than 130 of your peers, Insurance Fraud is the conference you need to attend in 2017. From application all the way through to conviction, over 15 senior speakers will be sharing their insights taken from across general insurance, on how the industry can better collaborate and refine counter-fraud tactics.

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