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Use Insurtech Partnerships as a Pillar of your (Digital) Strategy
03 JAN 2018 | ‘Tech is always a bottleneck when it comes to implementing our strategies.’ ‘Startups are disrupters trying to eat our lunch.’ ‘Digital is just another distribution channel.’ Sounds familiar? Reality is that businesses are seriously struggling with the disruption caused by new technology.
The Big Question for Insurers Is Not Tech but Whom to Partner With for IOT InsurTech
03 JAN 2018 | Currently, the insurance industry is plagued by a one-size-fits-all policy (think of current health, life insurance, and auto insurance you avail) instead of a target-based policy (what we have experienced in lending, and other FinTech verticals).
Amazon reported on verge of insurtech investment in India
03 JAN 2018 | Online retail and e-commerce giant Amazon is reportedly on the verge of making its first investment in an insurtech start-up, with the company said close to finalising an investment in online-only insurance start-up Acko.
Insurtech Urban Jungle raises £1 million
03 JAN 2018 | Led by former Prudential UK chief executive Rob Devey, a £1 million round of seed investment has been completed by insurance technology start-up Urban Jungle.
Netflix vs. HBO and the Race to the Insurance Customer
02 JAN 2018 | The question is whether the innovation executives (HBO) from within existing insurance companies that have been around for 30 or 300 years can reorient their customer-facing technology in time or whether the technology-focused startups (Netflix) trying to become the next generation of insurance companies can build the strengths and capabilities that the incumbents already have.
Predictions for 2018 – What the investors said
02 JAN 2018 | We’re into a new year, and it’s time to get to work. But what does 2018 have in store for us? Disrupt Africa asked investors from around the continent to give us their predictions for the ecosystem this coming year… here’s what they said.
4 Insurers’ Great Customer Experiences
28 DEC 2017 | Through new business models, clever technology and deep understanding of customer journeys, four companies lead the pack.
Amazon considers entering insurtech market
28 DEC 2017 | Amazon may enter the insurance market through a new channel. The e-commerce giant already offers some insurance-related digital services.
2018, a view through my looking glass!
28 DEC 2017 | As has become a tradition, as well as great fun (but also really tough!) - this is the time of the year to reflect on the year that has whisked past quicker than expected and a look ahead to what 2018 will bring, no doubt faster than a blink of an eye!
The Top 10 Insurtech Trends of 2018
19 DEC 2017 | Invisible insurance and behavioural economics with a pinch of bancassurance revival and empathy: these are some of the trends of 2018. December is the perfect month to predict the key insurtech trends for the year to come and to think of New Year’s resolutions: what specific trends to tap into to enhance the digital strategies.
Thaler’s Nudge towards Microinsurance
18 DEC 2017 | As Thaler suggests in his book, the context makes everything and helps conclude the sale or not. So by interpreting the variables that could influence the customer, a good AI-based solution should be able to capture the precise means and moments to deliver short period insurance offers to truly interested users.
AI Assistant & Deep Learning Summits 2017
25 JAN 2018 | San Francisco | RE•WORK will be hosting the AI Assistant & Deep Learning Summits in San Francisco on 25 & 26 January 2018. The summits will showcase the opportunities of advancing trends in AI Assistants and Deep Learning. This is a unique opportunity to interact with business leaders, influential technologists, data scientists & entrepreneurs in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. Join RE•WORK to learn from industry experts, discover emerging trends in deep learning & expand your network: RE•WORK is a global platform of events bringing together breakthrough technology, cutting-edge science, and entrepreneurship shaping the future of business and society. Regular participants at our events include AI pioneers Yoshua Bengio, Yann LeCun and Geoffrey Hinton.
Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Insurance 2018
26 MAR 2018 | Chicago, IL | Chief Data Officer, Insurance will bring together senior-level data practitioners in Insurance to share their latest innovations, best practices, challenges and use cases, as well as facilitate conversations and connections. What’s New for 2018: • CDAO, Insurance will now be composed of 3 days of premium content providing greater granularity and packed with useful applications of data/analytics for underwriting, claims decision-making, operations and customer insights and much more • Over 100+ attendees from organizations such as, John Hancock, American Life Insurance, Manulife, Zurich, FBAlliance Insurance Company all looking to discuss and understand the latest innovative tools needed to optimize their respective strategies. • Over 10+ hours of networking time where you engage our audience, make long lasting connections and re-invigorate existing relations with key clients. • Plus the introduction of our pre-conference focus day on Capitalizing on the Potential of AI & Machine Learning!

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