Sent on June 01, 2016

Can startups disrupt the $20 billion cyber insurance market?
31 MAY 2016 | Over the past few years, cyber insurance markets have been growing at between 25-50 percent CAGR each year. According to The Betterley Report 2015, annual policy premiums are approaching $2.75 billion.
Tinder for insurance lets you insure your electronics by swiping right
31 MAY 2016 | An American startup is hoping to overhaul the stuffy insurance industry with a couple of swipes. On Monday, Trov launched its latest product in Australia: On-demand insurance for single items through its mobile app. Founded in 2012, the company's free iOS and Android app previously allowed people to create a digital inventory of their possessions, but it's now adding an extra level of service. The insurance offering is currently iOS-only.
Practical Tips for Disrupting Insurance Distribution
30 MAY 2016 | Creating anything less than an online agency directly offering bindable insurance rates from a limited selection of carriers won’t cut it for technology companies trying to disrupt insurance distribution, an instech executive said recently.
Swiss Re's List of Emerging Risks Range from Blockchain Tech to Human Cyborgs
30 MAY 2016 | A fragmented Internet, continued experimentation with monetary policy and another round of economic crises in emerging markets top Swiss Re’s latest roundup of emerging risks to watch out for. Beyond those top three, the reinsurance giant covers everything from human-induced earthquakes to the ever-increasing prevalence of neutraceuticals, and blockchain technology in its latest SONAR report.
Can Blockchain Revolutionize Insurance Claims?
30 MAY 2016 | It appears that blockchain technology – which is essentially a database or general ledger distributed across the internet – is edging closer to the insurance industry. The application most likely to be appealing is blockchain’s enablement of: smart contracts,” transparently and digitally storing and maintaining agreements – essentially a single system of record in cyberspace.
Using IoT to better serve customers
27 MAY 2016 | The Internet is now an integral part of our daily lives and we would struggle to imagine life without it. However, growth has largely been driven by access to content and speed. We are now moving into the new phase of growth where the everyday "things" around us will be connected to the Internet.
Singapore: Allianz launches innovation lab, its first in Asia
26 MAY 2016 | Allianz launched its Asia Lab in Singapore yesterday. A first for the global financial services group in the region, the lab seeks to harness digital innovation and advanced analytics to deliver intuitive solutions for the group's 18 million customers in the region.
Insurers facing customer satisfaction challenge
26 MAY 2016 | In the property and casualty insurance industry, there are no greater influences on a company's success or failure than its customers and employees. Keeping these two distinct groups happy and engaged is critical, but can be challenging under any circumstances — even more so given the expectations that customers and employees have of companies in today's tech-savvy, on-demand economy.
Lessons for Insurers from Banking and Fintech
26 MAY 2016 | At Novarica, we’ve noted that many emerging tech advances are implemented in banking first, followed in five years or so by property and casualty insurers, then after another five year lag they begin to appear at life and annuity carriers. In fact, at the recent LOMA Life Insurance Conference I mentioned that implementation of core systems in the cloud appears to be following a five year lag between P/C and L/A carriers and vendors.
Transforming the claims process with telematics
26 MAY 2016 | Since the first cars were sold, there have been crashes. And while the insurance claims industry has made enormous advances over the years, the fundamental process of handling a claim has been largely the same for decades ― at least during my time in this industry, which spans nearly 30 years, and includes research and work in claims and the application of “black box” information in the evaluation of liability and injury causation.
Four Italian start-ups shortlisted for the Insurance IoT Europe Awards in London
01 JUN 2016 | Insurtech is becoming one of the most relevant sources of change in the insurance sector, being characterized by a growing request for innovation of both approach and technology. Italian insurance IoT is taking over the international scene thanks to the excellence of its offer, being one of the top countries globally – this applies to the car sector but also to health and home. According to the data elaborated by the Observatory of Connected Insurance, the Italian market has the highest levels of penetration – 16 % - in the car insurance sector. The Observatory of Connected Insurance is a think-tank created by Bain & Company which has managed to get together ANIA alongside 30 primary international insurance and reinsurance groups.
Thought provoking insurance IoT discussions
06 MAY 2016 | Privacy, security, standardisation, connectivity… these are all concerns affecting the uptake of IoT in insurance. Insurers understand the value of IoT for their business but there are some major obstacles in their way to making it mainstream. Recently, FC Business Intelligence sat down with four big wigs from the Internet of Things Privacy Forum, Bain & Company, Groupama and Swiss Re and asked them what keeps them up at night when thinking about IoT adoption.
Insurance IoT Europe Summit
07 JUN 2016 | Insurance IoT Europe is the only customer built event created specifically to discuss the applications of connected devices in the insurance industry in 2016. The conference will evaluate business-critical topics on how to devise a business plan as real-time data and usage-based insurance models will completely overhaul the way that insurers evaluate risk and connect to their customers. As an extension to the dramatic change that new digital and analytics solutions have made for insurers, IoT is the new terrain to watch this year. Download the Brochure to find out why this is a must-attend event for your 2016 calendar!
The Future of FinTech Conference
08 JUN 2016 | With $13.7B invested into fintech companies in the last year, the pace of innovation and disruption in the financial services space has never been higher. While some are concerned that financial services will face its Uber moment, the reality is that coming technology and business model innovations offer tremendous opportunities to reinvigorate and reinvent the financial services industry for institutions who are prepared. The Future of FinTech Conference delivers the best audience and deepest discussion on emerging financial services innovation. The conference will help you see where the world is going and introduce you to the emerging and global institutions that are making those changes happen.