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Insurance, Meet Technology: Interview With An 'Insurtech' Innovator
08 NOV 2017 | I ended up standing up on the plane and asking people three rows ahead of me and three rows behind me ‘Hey if you could buy insurance right now before we took off through an app, would you buy it?’ And everybody said ‘Yea, how could I not buy it?’”
Are Car Companies Going To Profit From Your Driving Data?
07 NOV 2017 | The connected car of today generates data from at least 200 different sensors within the vehicle and can profile everything from your location to driving habits. It can also monitor the use of vehicle features such as the temperature in your car and the weather in your surroundings.
Neos launches IoT-powered home insurance UK-wide
07 NOV 2017 | What do you get if you combine the Internet of Things with the business of home insurance? U.K. startup Neos is hoping the answer is prevention rather than (just) payouts. Its home insurance product is intended to lean on sensor tech and wireless connectivity to reduce home-related risks
The Unicorn Hiding in Plain Sight
06 NOV 2017 | Attend any insurance-focused conference, and you will undoubtedly hear about the high volume of angel and venture capital currently chasing the next unicorn in insurance – the industry equivalent of Facebook or Amazon.
Reinsurers need to manage expense & invest in InsurTech: PwC
06 NOV 2017 | In the consistently competitive, challenged and evolving reinsurance market, companies need to focus on cost optimisation and reducing expenses, in order to remain agile and be able to take advantage of future opportunities, according to PwC.
Insurers beware, Amazon poised to disrupt UK insurance
06 NOV 2017 | Disruption is on the way for the UK insurance market, and it’s in the shape of Amazon. No one can dispute the success of Amazon in the UK as a digital retailer, and many insurers have held it in high esteem as a company to emulate in terms of innovation and overall service proposition.
Lemonade Really Does Have a Big Heart
03 NOV 2017 | Twelve months ago, Lemonade opened for business. For me, it marked the start of a new chapter in the history of the insurance industry. To coincide with their launch, I posted this article after speaking with CEO and co-founder Daniel Schreiber. The headline was “insurance will never be the same again!”
CEO Monthly Insurtech Market Analysis - November 2017
02 NOV 2017 | FT Partners regularly publishes research highlighting the most important transactions, trends and insights impacting the global Financial Technology landscape. Our unique insight into FinTech is a direct result of executing hundreds of transactions in the sector combined with over 15 years of exclusive focus on financial technology.
Outdated codes make insurtech tough challenge for regulators
02 NOV 2017 | The emergence of insurtech represents the biggest challenge facing regulators over the next decade, as lawmakers work to ensure startups comply with state provisions imposed on carriers while encouraging growth.
IoT data and the conversion from insurer to InsurTech
02 NOV 2017 | IoT enabled devices to generate copious amounts of data that can be analysed to give insurers insight into the daily practices of their customers, which allows insurers to not only better understand their customer – and design products around them specifically – but also to predict and potentially prevent or divert claims before they have the chance to occur.
InsurTech Fever Hits Japan
02 NOV 2017 | There is plenty of room for new and disruptive tech in Japan’s insurance industry, particularly in the health space, as the market grapples with a rapidly ageing population and a rising trend of obesity.
Insurance Nexus Global Trend Map #1: Industry Challenges
07 NOV 2017 | Here we examine the top internal and external challenges facing the insurance industry, as revealed by our Trend Map, for which we gathered over 1000 survey responses from insurance players around the world and consulted over 50 industry thought-leaders. It's a tough time for the insurance industry right now, with a complex raft of issues to deal with over the coming years, from regulatory and climatic change through to adverse market factors, legacy systems and the rise of Insurtech.
Microinsurance: How is BIMA going to build upon its success in a future where more insurers are looking to digital based solutions?
27 OCT 2017 | BIMA is bringing microinsurance to 24 million customers across Asia, Latin America and Africa. So how is it going to build upon its success in a future where more insurers are looking to digital and even artificial intelligence based solutions? Already BIMA clients in Cambodgia can upload claims through Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp and they seem to prefer it over the more traditional version involving papers. Currently experimenting with the automation of claims payments, especially for health insurance products, BIMA is looking to heavily invest in improving the customer experience.
The Future of General Insurance 2017
07 NOV 2017 | QEII Centre, London | Over the past 17 years The Future of General Insurance has established itself as a must-attend event for insurance executives and their partners. But this year it looks a little different. The conference was held for the first time in 2001 as an event where decision makers in insurance could discuss critical industry developments and form new relationships. In 2017 we will have a broader collection of speakers and delegates than ever before, drawing on leaders in insurance innovation from across the whole of Europe.
Finovate Asia 2017
07 NOV 2017 | JW Marriott, Hong Kong | 450+ Attendees. 36+ Demoing companies. Countless opportunities. Finovate events bring together the entire fintech community to showcase cutting-edge banking, financial and payments technology in a unique, short-form, demo-only format as well as insights from global financial service experts. We don’t waste your time. Finovate is curated, fast-paced, and gets right to the point. And we’ve been delivering value for 10 years.
13 NOV 2017 | EXECinsurtech connects all those who are shaping the insurance world of tomorrow. Startups creating Insurtech solutions or products that will change how and what insurance we need and the tech investors financing those companies, as well as insurance corporations that are innovating their businesses to be ready for the future. What makes EXECinsurtech special? All registrations are hand-checked to ensure a high quality of participants. An unmatched atmosphere that makes networking hassle-free. A carefully curated program to ensure education and inspiration. 50 exhibiting startups showcasing their innovations.

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