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Why Exactly Does Big Data Matter?
09 NOV 2016 | Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years you’ve heard a LOT about big data. But if you’re like most insurance professionals, you didn’t go to school for computer science, and even though it sounds very cool you really haven’t gotten your head around a simple question...
Insurtech futures: pwc launches insurtech academy
09 NOV 2016 | A new research academy has been set up to explore the use of new technology in the insurance industry, PwC has announced. The InsurTech Academy was established by think-tank Z/Yen and sponsored by PwC. It will focus on how the growing market for apps, software's, and startups can enhance wholesale and retail insurance and reinsurance, PwC said.
Can insurtech be Iowa's next startup wave?
09 NOV 2016 | When Burch LaPrade was preparing to launch a startup based around insurance, he didn't know there was an industry already for "insurtech." "I didn’t even know that was a thing," LaPrade said. Now, though, his company Gain Compliance has joined a growing wave of insurance-technology startups.
Internet of Things: 5 Best Connected Consumer Devices
08 NOV 2016 | The reach of the Internet of Things (IoT) is incredibly far and wide, as demonstrated by the increasing number of connected devices that are transforming the energy, agriculture, transportation, and healthcare industries. With over 34 billion devices expected to be connected to the internet by 2020, the IoT is being called the next Industrial Revolution, changing the way we interact with the physical world.
Blockchain is empowering the future of insurance
08 NOV 2016 | Kevin Wang is with Plug and Play Insurance, the insurtech vertical at Plug and Play Tech Center, one the largest global technology innovation platforms. Plug and Play insurance is a leading insurance innovation platform that has recently launched in partnership with Munich Re, USAA, State Farm, SOMPO Digital Lab, Farmers, Nationwide, Deloitte, Travelers, Aviva, AIG and many more global Insurance institutions.
InsurTech will be the Next Big Thing
08 NOV 2016 | The insurance industry is a sector of finance that is begging for disruption. In the Fintech arena, Insurtech is poised to be huge. The US Treasury Department published a study of insurance in September that pegged total assets for insurance at over $8 trillion.
What Insurers Can Learn From Amazon's Customer Model
04 NOV 2016 | Taking pride in operational excellence speaks volumes to the technology challenges many insurers face as they evaluate aging systems that can t perform to the customers expectations.
Annexus launches VC fund to tap insurtech opportunities
03 NOV 2016 | Financial solutions firm Annexus recently launched its venture capital (VC) fund, Annexus Ventures in a bid to ride the emerging opportunities that attend the integration of the finance and insurance sectors with technology.
Smart Home Market Map: 67 Startups In Home Automation, Smart Appliances, And More
03 NOV 2016 | Startups are transforming homes with products such as smart locks, doorbells, lighting, along with products to kit out homes for pets and babies, and much more. New, younger companies are venturing into the space, as our research shows: the proportion of annual deals that went to early-stage startups raising seed/Series A rounds saw a 22 percentage-point increase, from 52% 2011 to 74% in (the first half of) 2016.
Will insurtech cost jobs?
03 NOV 2016 | Insurtech may be the word on everybody’s lips at the moment, but what impact could the advent of tech have on insurance jobs? As automation and other forms of technology are increasingly used in the industry many would think that jobs would be impacted but the founder of one insurtech firm thinks that the jobs being lost are already on the way out
How self-driving cars will change the rules of the road
02 NOV 2016 | The growing popularity of — and interest in — connected cars is presenting a plethora of opportunities for utilities. Equipped with an internet connection, mobile apps and more, connected cars allow drivers to interact with their environment and utilities to service a new landscape.
Auto insurance telematics: the way to a loyal customer
07 NOV 2016 | Seventy eight percent of motorists are comfortable with the insurers using their driving behaviour data sourced from a fixed device or smartphone app to determine the price they pay for their insurance. In addition, sixty percent want to be rewarded in lower premiums if their driving data shows they do not use their phone while driving and want mobile phone use to be a top consideration for insurers setting premiums at point of quote.
One week until the Insurtech IoT Leader Award winner is announced!
06 NOV 2016 | Technology and digital innovation is changing the basics of how insurers do business, with InsurTech and IoT leading the way. Investments in connected insurance have reached 81% of overall venture funding. Insurtech startups are entering all insurance business lines and the trend is said to continue while more and more investors are ready to bet their money on the tech-savvy newcomers.
InsurTech Rising, London
14 NOV 2016 | The Crystal, Royal Victoria Dock, London| Discover the innovations set to transform the insurance industry at the leading InsurTech showcase. Hear from industry leaders on how they are harnessing the power of InsurTech to accelerate their digital transformation strategies and deliver customer-centric solutions. Meet the innovators driving this change, from insurers and entrepreneurs to VCs and solution providers. GET 10% DISCOUNT WITH THE CODE: FKN2483ITN
Insurance IoT USA (November 15-16, Chicago)
15 NOV 2016 | Insurance IoT USA (November 15-16, Chicago), is a two-day event bringing together over 200 insurers and IoT service providers together to talk about how to adapt to a connected world. This is the only event focusing 100% on IoT for insurance. The event features 50+ speakers and 16 sessions on the connected car, home, lifestyle, business and more. With topics specific to regulation, investment, operational strategy, cyber security, customer service, user experience, data management, AI and automated services – the event moves discussions from IoT champions to company-wide adoption. Attendees include CXOs, and Heads of Strategy, Innovation, Digital, Product, and more. USE THIS CODE 4654ITN200 to get a 200$ discount upon registration.

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